COVID-19: The North is coming with Destruction, War and Death – Asari Dokubo

Former leader of the movement for the emancipation of the Niger Delta, Mujahid Asari Dokubo has raised alarm over the recent effects of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

Dokubo, in video footage on Sunday evening, criticized the migration of northerners to the south because of the spread of Coronavirus in the region which has claimed several lives.

According to him, the north was coming with “Destruction, War and Death”. In his words;

“This is more Sinister, They are coming here! They are changing the demography. What are they coming for? You remember Usman Danfodio, How they came to Sokoto, to Gobiri, to Kano, to Katsina, To Bida and what happened? They replaced the original people and took over the realms of Power.”

“They are coming! History is going to repeat itself If we don’t act now. They are not pretending about it. They are coming with war, destruction and death”.

Dokubo, a known pro-secessionist, stressed that this was the time for Strategy, Consultation and meetings adding that “our very survival is at Stake”.

Watch the footage below;

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  1. Mr Asari, bigotry is no longer civilization in a modern world. try to be humane for once pls

  2. I concore with the observations made by Asari Dokubo
    concerning the influx of the almajiri’s into the mainstream of the eastern region; south east, and south south. The fulani’s are trying to use the present
    ruling gov’t to their advantage in order to establish
    FULANI colony with RUGA agenda to possibly penetrate into the nuk and cranny of nigeria. My declaration is that their mission has been aborted
    whilst in conception. It will not see the light of the day.

  3. I think this is the right time we all are rise up to tackle this challenge pose by this almajiri of a thing. Northerners should be allowed to enjoyed or live with their own mistakes. They gave birth to children which they are not capable of training and now allowed them to roam about causing social problem. If truely their almajiri are out in search of Islamic knowledge as the claimed, they should send them to Saudi Arabia for training and not to send them to any southern states. We are not Muslim. We don’t have any Islamic knowledge to impact to them. We are not part of their brainwashed teaching.

  4. I have had so many dreams concerning this people’s influx into East. It’s not even what one will wish one at all because it’s very very bloody and destructive. The Revelations of what they are coming in to do when the time comes was revealed to me inform of 1. To butcher with the swords, 2.burning mercilessly with fire and inflammatories in the nights without any one coming to rescue,
    3. Many to be destroyed. In fact it’s tears and doom. If we don’t do something for God to do his part. But it pains me so much how the elected leaders are fighting their people defending themselves instead of defending them. I feel like shedding tears when ever this Revelations comes again and again.

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