Deadly attacks and kidnapping rock 3 Benue local govt areas, as bandits kill 5, abduct woman

Bandits have unleashed terror in Benue State, targeting communities in Agatu, Gwer West, and Apa Local Government Areas (LGAs), resulting in five deaths and the abduction of a woman.

The attacks occurred between Sunday and Monday, leaving several others injured and causing widespread fear among residents.

In Agatu LGA, armed assailants descended on Ikpele village on Sunday evening, perpetrating a brutal assault that claimed the lives of four individuals.

One victim was beheaded, while three others suffered amputations in the vicious attack. Meanwhile, in neighbouring Gwer West LGA, another person lost their life to gunmen, bringing the total casualties from Sunday’s onslaughts to five, with numerous others sustaining injuries.

The violence extended to Apa LGA, where armed invaders targeted motorists along the Otukpo-Adoka-Oweto highway.

During the siege, a woman was abducted, and a passerby was shot in the leg. The assailants also targeted vehicle tyres, creating chaos and panic along the highway.

The attacks persisted into Monday, further heightening tensions in the area.

Apa LGA Council Chairman, Ochayi Alidu, confirmed the incidents and assured that efforts were underway to address the situation and restore calm to the affected communities.

However, concerns remain high among residents and humanitarian workers, who lament the escalating attacks and their devastating consequences, including loss of lives, property destruction, and displacement of villagers.

Yakubu Ochepo, the Council Chairman of Agatu LGA, emphasized the urgent need for enhanced security support to repel such brazen attacks.

He described the recent invasion in Ikpele village as particularly gruesome, with armed herders from Ogumogbo targeting unsuspecting villagers returning home after previous assaults.

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