Defections: “PDP leadership frustrating members” – Party chieftain raises alarm

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from Ogun State, Segun Sowunmi, said the recent defections in the party were a matter of concern, but added that the PDP would rescue itself.

Sowunmi, a contestant for the PDP national chairmanship position told Daily Trust, “What is necessary is for the PDP to re-invent itself and improve its internal organs for managing disputes. The party can rescue itself.”

He, however, noted that in the midst of what is happening, the party must take very seriously, the perception that the larger society is getting into the management and handling of the party at the national and state levels.

He said, “Whereas the ruling party has the opportunity of government patronage and other things to keep their people in, an opposition party might not be that lucky. 

“But that does not mean that the party cannot organise itself to take power in future elections. Even those in power today spent 16 years in opposition.

“What is going on in Imo, Abia and other states is not good, but those running the party need to do more to make sure they don’t frustrate their followers and members into leaving the party.”

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