Democracy Day: Concern as President Tinubu falls heavily on Stage [PHOTOS]

The President of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu had a heavy fall earlier today in Abuja while attempting to mount the rostrum in the midst of several aides and security personnel.

Footage of the incident has since gone viral on social media. it can be recalled that the president had just given his independence day speech this morning shortly before the unfortunate occurrence.

The President is hale and hearty.

Watch the video below;

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  1. “Democracy means all of us should actively participate to make this a wonderful place to live, not point fingers. Nigerian, democracy; which way to go. The Biggest problem in Nigeria is: The INEC, The Judiciary and The Military.
    Whenever they are ready to stand for the people, Nigerian democracy will have a stand.”

  2. Is he dead? No one cares about him

    He’s the most corrupt president, starving the masses with hunger and hardship, mtcheeww.

  3. Tinubu will not die on that seat God forbid. How can a boko harram man be our president God forbidoooo!!!!!..

    1. I’m very sorry sir, nothing will to him but those that you are calling Boko Haram they are the that put him on that place he is today, he is not voted as a precedent and there’s nothing we can do.

  4. Why did our President falls on Democry because he is not doing what the masses will benefit, everything is cost no enjoyment,, we are crying to bring back Good luck ebele johnath to sit

  5. Let him die , that’s shows that he will die soon , people are very hungry in this country the vampire is busy celebrating democrazy instead of democracy, God is pushing him already.

  6. I believe it’s an issue of age: Mr President is quite aged. May God strengthen our president to pilot the affairs of the nation right. May God help him to finish well.
    Let’s keep praying for the peace of our Jerusalem, Nigeria and let’s keep acting right. Faith and work go together.
    God bless Nigeria

  7. Is president Tinubu trying to tell Nigerians how he fought for democracy in his June 12 presidential speech? Can he compare his administration with that of the then Sani Abacha’s regime? General Sani Abacha never impoverished Nigerians.He only dealt with unpatriotic capitalists.

  8. What happened to our Present can happen to anybody in respective of age.
    May the good Lord continue strengthen and keep you in sound heath,we shall experience good turn around under your leadership, iJmn.

    1. Is true my brother it can happen to anyone please pray for long life for tinubu God bless you

  9. Baba so so sorry u will live long sir but try understand us make garri come back for 600 costardpent abeg

  10. May God bless His Excellency with energy, good will, wisdom and long life in Jesus name, amen

    1. Hmmm,but if any of u is in that position,thing can worst dn do or better dn dis,so what we need is to pray to God to restore Nigeria back to how we are before

  11. Gently daddy.May God gives you more strength to accomplished your good mission for Nigeria ijn.amen amen amen.jagaban ride on


    You need not gloat or smash your teeth over the fall of any man. Neither do you justify it with any other, like the sleepy floppy one in the White House.

  13. Tinubu for 9ja, rule us as you want, but remember that good luck Johnathan didn’t rule you this way” quick recovery

  14. it seems the person that posted this smoked before posting who said we are concern about him if he wants to die make he die na mtcheeew

  15. You shall be shaked but you shall never fall out number one citizen hale and hearty baba agbalagba jolly on Your Excellency sir

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