DSS feeds detained Sunday Igboho’s aides with ‘engine oil’ -Lawyer


The Department of State Services (DSS), according to Pelumi Olajengbesi, counsel for the 12 aides of Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Igboho, feeds the detainees a soup known as “engine oil”.

While lamenting the maltreatment of the aides in the custody of DSS, Olajengbesi, who said he was at the DSS headquarters in Abuja today (Friday, July 30, 2021), after over four weeks of not being allowed to meet with his clients, disclosed that suspects had diarrhoea after eating the soup with Fufu or Eba.

Olajengbesi said that he and two other members of the legal team met with four of the 12 detained persons, revealing that “it is important to state that their current situation is a classical definition of wholesome human rights abuse. Their health is, sadly, poor and in a sorry situation.”

“They are made to sleep on the bare floor and are badly beaten before medical treatment is accorded them to heal and conceal injuries from the torture.

“Lady K, in particular, seems to have sustained fracture on her left leg and is in serious pains. She has not had a change of clothes and folds herself to sleep in the terrible cell.

“A larger per cent of them have high blood pressure issues as confirmed by the SSS clinic. They are fed with a liquid they call ‘engine oil’ as their soup for their food. Their normal routine is to eat and resume the toilet where they purge for long.

“They’re being treated badly and worse than animals, and we did our best in assuring and keeping them upbeat and in high spirits before making our exit,” he added.

As reported on Politics Nigeria, DSS operatives on Thursday, July 1, invaded the house of Igboho at Soka area of Ibadan, Oyo State, to arrest the suspects.

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  1. We have a government that had its minister of justice and attorney general visit a Maina who is facing an EFCC trial for stealing billions of naira of public money, negotiate the return of the man to Nigeria to resume on promotion to a higher post, a government that steps down prosecution of persons on EFCC trial, a government that refuses to pursue terrorists, bandits, kidnappers, Fulani criminal herders killing, raping, razing farms and settlements, abductors, and forest terrorists but dignifies them with negotiations and amnesty, a government that refuses to identify as terrorists terror organizations rated globally the 4th vilest terrorist organization in the world, a government that identifies IPOB as a terror organization for propagating separatist Biafra, a government that goes all out for Igboho and Kanu but parleys with MACBAN and Fulani terror gang; what a government . No wonder Nigeria is going down fast on the descent into disintegration in spite of the government efforts to force unity of nations where one nation subjugates the other.

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