Dunamis: How I was harassed, spent four hours in DSS detention – Punch Reporter

Earlier on Sunday, operatives of the Department of State Security Service (DSS), arrested a journalist with Punch newspaper, Solomon Odeniyi, while on duty.

The reporter was whisked away from Dunamis International Gospel Centre headquarters in Abuja, where he was following up on the arrest of some anti-Buhari protesters. Recall that last Sunday, DSS operatives stormed the church and arrested six activists who wore #BuhariMustGO T-Shirts.

According to one of the church members who witnessed it, about ten of the activists came out when it was time for first timers to be recognised. Speaking on his arrest on Sunday, Solomon told POLITICS NIGERIA that he had gone to Dunamis as a follow up to what happened at the church last Sunday.

“Besides, some groups had addressed a press conference and vowed to storm the church if the congregants arrested in the church were not released.”

“There were heavy presence of security operatives comprising of DSS and police personnel at the church which suggested something was about to happen.

“The protest was yet to start when suddenly I saw a patrol van of 7 police men surrounded us. (I was with a reporter from , Roots Tv Busayo Tosin). I was grabbed by my belt and accused to be part of the protesters by the police led by Ugochukwu U. C. I showed my ID card to him which he forcefully took, damaging it in the process.”

“Before I could say jack, I was beaten by one of them while another pointed his gun at me. I asked what my offence was. I told them my ID card was enough evidence to show I was not part of the protesters. All that fell into deaf ears. The other reporter from Roots Tv was also being questioned too.

“We were immediately dispossessed of our phones. I was bundled into their patrol van and they drove off to River Park police station. We pleaded with them to allow us communicate with our offices. The plea was turned down.”

“The seized items were 1 power bank, 3 phones, 1 Camera, 1Tripod, Punch ID card.”

“We got the station around 8 a.m and was released at exactly 12:10. Ugochukwu ordered police at the station not to release us until Dunamis closes,” he told POLITICS NIGERIA.

He said that after their release, the officers took their addresses and phone numbers, warning that they should not to go back to Dunamis.

“They also warned against reporting (that) we were arrested and detained,” he added.

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