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Easter travel expenses hit all-time high as bus fares reach N45,000, air fares move to N158,000

Travellers in Nigeria are grappling with a significant surge in transportation costs, particularly for long-distance journeys during the Easter holiday.

Compared to prices earlier in February, travel costs have spiked by as much as 30 per cent for business-class executive buses and 19 per cent for smart coaches, also known as mini-luxurious buses.

According to information gathered from the official portal of GUO Transport Company, the price of a bus ticket from Lagos to Owerri or Aba now ranges between N38,000 and N39,000 for business executive class buses.

The ticket price on smart coach buses is N25,000, while Sienna buses command as much as N48,000 per ticket.

Similarly, passengers travelling with Libra Motors can expect to pay as high as N39,000 and N40,000 for tickets from Lagos to Owerri or Aba, respectively. Meanwhile, journeys to Abuja from Lagos come with a hefty price tag of up to N45,000 per seat during Easter.

The surge in transportation costs isn’t limited to road travel alone. Airfare for flights from Lagos to destinations like Owerri has also sharply increased.

For instance, Dana Airline charges between N117,000 and N158,000 for flights from Lagos to Owerri, while flights from Abuja to Owerri are priced between N153,000 and N158,000.

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