Economic hardship: We’re in a season of national distress – Oyedepo laments

The Resident Pastor of Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo Jr., has expressed concerns about Nigeria’s current state of distress.

Speaking during the church’s third service themed “Covenant Day of Fruitfulness,” Oyedepo called on Christian faithful to engage in covenant stewardship to navigate the challenges facing the nation.

Using a metaphorical illustration, Oyedepo compared an empty Ghana-must-go bag to an individual without covenant practice in Christ Jesus, emphasizing the need for substance and spiritual grounding to withstand life’s challenges.

He urged believers to take cover in covenant practices to resist adversities.

He said: “If you raised an empty Ghana-must-go bag in a windy environment, it would fly away, but if you have a heavy substance in it, no matter the hash wind, it would resist it.

“The same applies to an individual without convenant practice in Christ Jesus.”

Meanwhile, the Presiding Bishop of the Church, David Oyedepo, while urging Christians to reach out to the needy around them to mitigate the economic hardship, disclosed that the church has opened several Kingdom care outlets to reach out to the needy through its Winners Satellite Fellowship across Nigeria.

According to him, this is to mitigate Nigerians’ current economic hardship.

“It is not weakness to ask for help when you need it,” he said.

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