EDO 2020: Edwin Clark attacks Oshiomole, condemns Obaseki’s Disqualification

South-South leader, Chief Edwin Kaigbodo Clark has condemned the disqualification of Edo state governor, Godwin Obaseki from the gubernatorial primaries of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Clark, in a statement issued on Monday, sent to POLITICS NIGERIA, disclosed that the APC was making the same mistake that made it lose in Zamfara, Rivers and Bauchi states in the last election cycle.

I condemn, in the strongest terms, the disqualification of the incumbent Governor of Edo State, by the APC screening committee under the leadership of a Professor Ayuba Jonathan, over alleged inconsistencies in the Governor’s academic credentials. I am indeed, very disappointed and embarrassed that Professors, noted for rationality, judiciousness and erudition, should now be allowing themselves to be used by people, who, educationally, are not their peers.

What the Professor Ayuba Jonathan-led APC screening committee did is a shame to the academic world, not listening or accepting the statement from the Registrar of the University of Ibadan, the country’s premier University, instead, it resorted to adopting pettiness and irregularities, to achieve a predetermined outcome.”

“The subsequent upholding of that illegitimate decision by the APC Appeal Committee is yet another action that leaves a sour taste in the mouth. These developments are very unfortunate, irresponsible, reckless, and appalling.”

“It reminds one of the recent warnings by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of likely crisis in Edo and Ondo States if the Party Primary and General elections are not properly conducted, drawing inference from the crisis which took place in both Rivers and Bayelsa States where more than 20 innocent persons lost their lives during elections. Till date, the scars of those events are still fresh.”

“It is unfortunate that the National Chairman of APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, has been allowed by his party chieftains, including President Muhammadu Buhari, and my respected Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, to perpetuate the happenings in Edo State.”

“Though I had, since 2015, retired from partisan politics, as a leader, I have every reason to comment on the present political crisis in Edo State. More so, I had made it, categorically clear that I would continue to speak on national issues; on any matter that may affect the overall interest of Nigeria, and the Niger Delta region, in particular, where, I am the leader.”

“Comrade Oshiomwhole may wish to reminiscence on his own words, which he had often, immodestly, expressed, “A situation where one man decides has been abolished. All I want is power to move to the people. The people should decide who becomes their leader…”

“I also want to, further appeal to the National Chairman of APC, and his party that nobody should be allowed, for the sake political predilections, to distort the peace and stability of Edo State, and by extension the Niger Delta region.” the statement read in part.

He described Oshiomole’s actions as ‘Immoral’.

“It is immoral and indecent, for Adams Oshiomwhole to be manipulating the political space in Edo State, within the past three years, with the intention to maintain control of the political machinery in the State, and sustain the silly idiosyncrasy of godfather and godson, now culminating in Obaseki been disqualified, even as a sitting Governor, from getting the ticket of the APC.” he stated.


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  1. Why can’t Clarke tell PDP to adopt Obaseki as their governorship candidate? What is the PDP’s problem with APC’ primary election? Which party is the beneficiary of certificate forgery in Bayelsa? Clarke and his people want same to happen in Edo, which they know PDP can not win so that they win through court. APC is a wise party now.

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