Edo governorship election: Disunity in APC camp worries party stakeholders

As the countdown to the Edo State governorship election intensifies, the All Progressives Congress (APC) is reportedly grappling with internal discord and disunity within its ranks. 

The emergence of Senator Monday Okpebholo as the APC’s candidate has brought to the fore simmering tensions and conflicting interests, casting a shadow over the party’s prospects in the upcoming electoral contest.

At the heart of the disunity plaguing the APC camp is a political office sharing scandal involving Senator Monday Okpebholo. 

Revelations from sources within Okpebholo’s campaign team suggest that he has promised his senatorial seat to multiple former governorship aspirants in exchange for their support for his gubernatorial ambition. 

This alleged backroom deal has exposed divisions and power struggles within the party, undermining unity and cohesion ahead of the crucial election.

The reported agreement with Arc. Mike Onolemenmen, a former Minister of Works and a close associate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate, Dr. Asue Ighodalo, has added to the intrigue surrounding Okpebholo’s candidacy. 

Onolemenmen’s decision to align with Okpebholo, allegedly in exchange for the promised senatorial seat, highlights the complex web of political alliances and interests shaping the electoral landscape in Edo State.

A source said: “The former minister knows Asue is a more competent and by far a better candidate than Akpakomiza; but for the allure of office, he wants to go to the Senate. 

 “They have reached an agreement to give Monday’s Senate seat to Arc. Mike if APC wins the election. And if things go according to plans, the implication will be that both Senator and House of Reps member will be from Uromi axis.”

However, the insiders disclosed that as part of the deal, the current House of Representatives member representing the Esan NE/Esan SE federal constituency, Hon. Odi Okojie, will have to make way for a replacement from Esan SE, to take over the seat.

Asked if Hon Okojie will probably align with any of the other Esan South East politicians so that he can preserve his Reps seat, the source stated that “Odi is a young boy, a loyal party man and a true son of Uromi. The Senate is better than the Reps for Uromi. Let Odi relax. He has time. 

“After the former minister finishes in the Senate, Odi can go back to the National Assembly. When Akpakomiza wins the election in September, Odi can be made a commissioner if he helps to deliver Uromi for us.” 

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