Edwin Clark reveals those behind insecurity in Nigeria

The national leader of Pan Niger-Delta Forum (PANDEF), Chief Edwin Clark, blamed elite consensus on issues that affect the citizens, adding that food scarcity was causing insecurity.

Clark, an elder statesman, said this on Monday while speaking at a one-day ‘’Retreat on Inclusive Security’’, organized by the Global Peace Foundation, in collaboration with Vision Africa in Abuja.

“The Nigeria we are in today does not provide anything for the common man. If oil is produced in your land and exploited, you should at least be rehabilitated with that resources. The problem in the country is hunger, because the people don’t have any means of livelihood anymore,” he said.

Furthermore, Clark appealed to the elite to refrain from comments that could widen the “gulf of trust deficit among the many divides” that make up the country, saying that Nigeria’s survival as a nation should be considered sacred.

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  1. Nigeria is drifting towards a a failed state,
    We are passing through class incubus….. where the elite class pretend not to know the problems of the masses. It’s a an ugly situation we find ourselves.
    Shame…on our leaders, Nigeria has no compatriots….

  2. Garba zarumi Tambuwal daddy god bless you and your family you says the true and you love one Nigeria you a good citizen

  3. Thank you sir.
    The Elites Who left governance for the retired Soldiers and their friends have badly impacted our National life.
    Where does Arms and Ammunition come from to reach the Crimea unrest? Why did those that invited Bandits failed to negotiate with them to return back?
    Power is not forever and God will react with His Divine Justice.

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