Ekiti: Fayemi Gives Update on status of 3rd COVID-19 patient


Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State has said the third COVID-19 patient in the state is unconscious, but under close monitoring at the Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido Ekiti.

In a statement via the state government Twitter page on Saturday, governor Fayemi said the patient is a 29-year-old female who was recently delivered of a baby.

The governor added that the woman “sneaked” into the state from Lagos to have her child.

Fayemi, however, said there is also a plan to increase the bed spaces at the state’s isolation centre from 10 to 120 beds “in case of an exponential outbreak”.

“This new case is a pregnant 29-year-old female community health worker in Ikorodu, Lagos state, who sneaked into Ekiti state overnight on Friday April, 10 2020, suspected to take advantage of our free maternal health care in spite of the lockdown,” Fayemi said.

“She presented at a state comprehensive primary healthcare facility in active labour on Monday April 13, 2020.

“After a prolonged labour with fatal distress, she was referred to a teaching hospital but decided to go to a private hospital instead. A caesarean section was performed on the patient and the baby was delivered safely.

“However, she suffered a cardiac arrest and was referred to the Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido Ekiti, where she is currently unconscious. The suspicion of #COVID19 infection and subsequent testing was at the Federal Tertiary institution.

“The Ekiti State #COVID19 Taskforce @Ekiti_COVID19 has already commenced contact tracing of the new case as at this morning, we have over 30 primary contacts on our list already.

“The baby is alive and under surveillance while the private clinic has been sealed off and medical personnel who interacted with this case during her obstetrics and gynaecology emergency have been contacted and put in self isolation.”

Fayemi expressed concern that the patient “may have put hundreds of unsuspecting people at risk of #COVID19 infection in Ekiti State,” and said the extension of the lockdown may be considered.

“The infidelity of our people and the security personnel enabled this patient to gain access to our state even during a boundary shut down, therefore putting the lives of so many people at risk, and putting Ekiti State under the dreaded possibility of community infection,” he said.

“Due to this new case, Government may have to consider further extension of the lockdown at least until all possible direct and indirect contacts of this woman have been traced and placed in self-isolation as minimum period of incubation is 14 days for every new infection.”

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