El-rufai tenders Apology for threatening to ‘Gang-rape’ a mother

Bello El-rufai, Son of Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-rufai has tendered an apology for vile tweets he made to a twitter user of a political disagreement.

Bello threatened to sexually assault the mother of a twitter user with the name, Consigliere. Trouble started when El-rufai criticized US President, Donald Trump over his handling of the Coronavirus. This didn’t go down well with Consigliere who tweeted at him to direct such criticisms to President Muhammadu Buhari.

An infuriated El-rufai the hurled insults at Consigliere before sending hi a direct message to “tell your mother I’m passing her to my friends tonight. No Igbo sounds, please! Tueh.”

This response generated outrage on social media.  Former Minister, Oby Ezekwesili also condemned El-rufai for his comments and admonished him to apologize.

On Friday, Bello tweeted a full apology expressing regret for his actions.

“A few days ago, I made a comment that was wrong, unbecoming and contrary to the values on which I was raised. I wish to withdraw the statement and apologise to the gentleman concerned for the hurtful comment. I also apologise for appearing to attack and entire ethnic group for the misdeed of one person.”

“I regret the sexual innuendo in the private message and apologise unreservedly for it. I wish to state very strongly that the statement was made during the heat of the moment and I wish to put on the record that I do not condone sexual violence.”

“I certainly do not believe that there can be any justification for gender-based crimes. I am learning from the episode in the continuous journey of emerging as a better person. I have apologized to my mother in person.”

“I have also reached out to the women in my life and apologised. I realise that the intensity around this matter stems partly from my surname. The mistakes I made with the private message and in smearing an ethnic group because of group because of one person are now being replicated by people that are attacking my parents and my family because of my conduct.”

“I am one of many children in a family raised with standards of decency and strong values of which my recent conduct has fallen short. I appreciate the time that friends and loved ones have taken to show me the error of my ways. I apologise to the general public in recognition of the duty to acknowledge wrongdoing and strive to be better.”

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  1. It is very unfortunate that you made such a comment at all. Be rest assured that it will live with you.

  2. It is good you apologized for fallen short of your acclaimed standard. I hope you have not done this cos of your family’s political ambition. I believe if you had the young man around you at that moment, the story could have been a different one taking into cognisance the way and manner your anger moved from the person you had issues with (US president), the young man, his mom and the entire Igbo race. Your apology could be because you have been reminded of the far reaching political implications this could cost you and your dad. The world is no body’s and as such we should try to put God first in all we do. Trump maybe as bad as we are painting him but your attitude to innocent mother and entire Igbo race, can you claim to be better than Mr. Trump.

  3. Good he apologized. .ordinarily one will blame his parents for his wayward behaviour, but we know some children of now tend to behave very badly even when their parents put in so much effort to raise them.

    Shame on him. Small minded young man. A special arrangement has to be made for him to be taught good etiquette.

  4. Like father like son,in 2019 elections Elrufai threatened the international observers that they will go back with body bags now his son Bello said he will join with his friends to rape someone mother and insulting the whole igbo tribe,tomorow he will want to rule his state with his father’s loot, a rapist who has no home training and regards for women ,he copied his father’s radical nature,i ask why does Fulani people enjoy sexually assaulting women, why do they always rape women,this is what women passed through in the northern Nigeria and I want to advise those igbo women who marry the northerners to stop, nothing good comes from them, it can only make them vulnerable and also they use that in taping from our intelligent as a result of that having intelligent children which can fight the igbos intellectual,We are not the same and can never be same

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