Election: “I have the capacity to hunt you down” – Asari Dokubo warns gunmen

Niger Delta activist, Mujahid Asari Dokubo has threatened to “hunt down” gunmen who he said are planning to launch attacks in Saturday’s gubernatorial and state house of assembly elections in Rivers State.

Speaking in a Facebook Live on Friday, monitored by POLITICS NIGERIA, Dokubo asked voters not to intimidated because he will be available to provide security support for people of Rivers State.

He said: “My brothers and sisters, don’t stay at home, go out and vote. Anybody who touches you, I will touch the person.

“I have the capacity to touch the person. I will hunt the person down.”

He added: “Just touch one person, and you will see the consequences of your action.

“‘The person wey dey buy gun for you, tell am make he dey buy the gun for you, because I go come take the gun for your hand’.

“In any community where they harm one person, I will come there.”

“Go out and vote for a person of your choice. Don’t be afraid.

“Last election, I heard gun sounds and I came physically myself.

“I am warning you, let no gun sound in Bukumu.”

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