Election Tribunal: Sule Lamido in Private meeting with Atiku in Dubai [PHOTO]

Former Governor of Jigawa State, Alh. Sule Lamido on Saturday met privately with PDP Presidential Candidate and Former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar in Dubai.

The leader of the ‘Talakawas’, Lamido was accompanied by Alhaji Mustapha Sule Lamido and Abubakar Sule Lamido.

Earlier today, Atiku made headlines after criticising and urging President Muhammadu Buhari to ‘stop his campaign of calumny against opposition and the Judiciary’. Below is the statement, in part, signed by Atiku’s media adviser, Paul Ibe;

“The administration has been groping in the dark since 2015, the reason majority of Nigerians decided not to reward their failures during the February 23 presidential poll consequently leading to the heist that characterized the conduct of that poll.”

“The other plausible reason they didn’t deem it fit to respond to the report is because Atiku Abubakar has yet to make a remark on the report. If the only reason why the Buhari administration will react to the affliction it has brought on Nigerians is for Atiku to call the nation’s attention to how bad things have gone in the country under the slumber of General Buhari, Atiku will more than always, be ready to stand and speak up for the millions of countrymen and women who have become victims of his (Buhari’s) misrule and grand cluelessness.”

“A Commander-in-Chief, who fits the bill will not act unconstrained about reports from a reputable media organization on welfare and wellbeing of troops at the frontline of combat. Shamefully, however, up till this moment, the Buhari administration won’t cause even a blinker on the damning report. Like is the case with other dysfunctional aspects of the system, his (Buhari’s) administration prefers to live in denial, relying on propaganda – the only machine that they know how to operate without a glitch.”

“We need to restate that Atiku Abubakar respects the practical purpose of the judiciary as an arm of government saddled with the responsibility of dispensing justice. Therefore, for the Buhari administration to call out the judiciary on how they might choose to do their job is not only an emotional blackmail to the bench, it is also very disrespectful to the integrity of the honourable justices of the court of law.”

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  1. Atikunhas not tasted the bitter fruit of detention like obj and buhari. but he dancing close that. he thinks that if he is detained , heaven will fall. am sure people must have gone to advice him well. left for him to choose such advice.

  2. Atiku is a bloody fool who has absconded to Dubai. And he wants to be President of Nigeria, residing in Dubai. Shameless thief!

    The foremost bribe taker in Nigeria CAN NEVER be our Presidentst. Atiku is gone forever!

    1. Factual comment my brother. Atiku think he can deceive Nigeria electorates with his corrupted money. No way. He’s gone from the democratic system of Nigeria for ever.

  3. This writer is funny! What is he trying to insinuate? That ATIKU has Nigerians at heart!
    He’s just kidding himself and think he can deceive majority of Nigerians to their plight. We, most reasonable Nigerians, know that ATIKU is selfish base on his past record when he was the vice president of Nigeria. And has nothing to offer Nigerians, but to graciously enrich himself and his cohorts through corruptions in which this writer Will be a beneficiaries.

  4. A biased system that rewards incompetence, celebrate mediocrity, undermine rule of law and continues to self promotion and praises.
    May God help and free us .

  5. I can’t wait to see the judiciary, either by some terrestrial imposition or act of God or both, have this burden cast upon Nigerians in the person of the incumbent Nigeria President, removed. I can’t wait, sincerely speaking. God must find it in his heart to forgive Nigerians for their many trespasses, iniquities and sins that have resulted to punishing us with this bramble among other trees

  6. Nigerians have been bewitched and a grievous spell is cast upon every individual who is gullible, and vulnerable.

  7. It amazes me that we could have Nigerians in this generation having this point of view. That citizens should clip their lips for fear of being thrown into jail. The “man has really died” in most of us. What is even the joy of living when we can no longer walk the streets or ride on vehicles for fear of being kidnapped or killed while the so called police are using our hard earned money to spend on armed escorts; when the politicians and government appointees are stealing and looting our collective wealth without being called to questions simply because they have aligned with the ruling government while our school leavers are rooming the streets without gainful employment; Where in the world has it become a treasonable offense for citizens to speak and and carry out peaceful demonstrations? Is this a country that you would like to leave for your children?

  8. Reputable media organisation my foot. When is this dullard going yo learn anything about how a real leader should talk? He often talks as if he works in a motor park and one can hardly see the difference between him and the self-confessed bus conductor, Ortom.
    Atiku should also learn to live and do his political meetings in Nigeria because, it seems, he’s afraid of what may become of him and that’s quite intelligent of him because if i were the President, he would have been invited to clarify some of his comments on security serious security matters in the country…because he’ll never delve into matters that have nothing to do with him; sometimes he talks as if he’s the President when he was trounced by a margin of about 4 million…GEJ did far better than the money-miss-road.

  9. Shame on you, You and your Buhari should be ashamed of yourselves. You should all stop making mockery of the black race and protect Nigerian democracy. We are not in a military govt. Buhari was elected to protect and to serve the people of Nigeria, not to be behaving like a mini god or IDI AMIN. He should uphold the laws and stop making mockery of our democracy, or resign from office. Our democracy must be respected and protected, not trampled upon by dictatorship or tyranny. Nigeria is too big for Buhari and his regime to trample upon.

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