Election update: “Avoid creating war” – Atiku camp to INEC

As Nigerians stay glued to their devices for the election update, Senator Dino Melaye, Spokesperson, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaign Management Committee, on Sunday asked the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to “avoid creating a war”.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Nigerians went to the polls on Saturday to elect their new leader. Glitches in some polling units prompted INEC to announce the continuation of the 2023 election in some areas across the country on Sunday.

Counseling INEC on the next step as Nigerians eagerly wait for the election results, Melaye said INEC should desist from making manual computation.

“INEC should avoid creating a war. The people’s choice and authentic results must be announced. If security agencies or INEC compromise this election, there will be no country as we are ready to die this time around. No manual computation! No compromise,” Melaye wrote.


  1. What Dino melaye do not know is that Nigerians are not even interested in either pdp or apc, so without you saying this threatening words all we know is Nigeria is greater than any body.

    1. Melaye is not ur fault,u can pray for war because may be ur children are not lesve in Nigeria,that’s why,my fellow Nigeria citizens may God Almighty guide us and chose the right person for us,because when the war stated we have no where to hide, Ya ALLAH save Nigeria all

  2. Dino is delusional, he is someone I respected a lot, but sometimes he bit more than he can chew and that is the more reason why when he talks, it looks like ” Hmmmn it’s Dino again”.

  3. We don’t need war to address the issues crippling our nation, all we need is people with the right perception of what and where Nigeria is supposed to be at this point in time sinceafter independence

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