Emir’s Dethronement: “Sanusi is a Common Thief” – Asari Dokubo


Former Leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta(MEND), Chief Asari Dokubo has described the deposed Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II as a ‘Common thief’.

Dokubo, while reacting to the removal of Sanusi, expressed disappointment with the outrage displayed by Nigerians in diaspora over development. In his words;

“A thief…a common thief like Sanusi was removed..and people are saying that the man says the truth? He has no truth to tell! He is a liar from the pit of hell. I have met this man, Sanusi, several times. The man is nothing but a fraud. A thief of the Highest Order!”

“What was the accusation levelled against him? He stole! He mismanaged Emirates funds. This is a man talking about poverty in the north, a man talking about bringing revolution to the north..Where did he get the money to be having over 6 Rolls Royce? You are talking of billions in Cars. He spent billions in making telephone calls, he spent billions travelling, he cannot control his fingers”.

The ex-militant leader also criticized Sanusi for attacking Ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan over an alleged $20 billion missing from the NNPC while he was CBN governor.

“He accused a good man, Goodluck Jonathan, that in NNPC, $20 billion was missing. They called Auditors, he said its not 20 billion again, its N10 billion. At the end of the day, it was found out that nothing was missing by the best auditors in the world,”.

He added that God’s judgement has come upon Sanusi.

“The Same theft he accused Goodluck of, is the same theft that removed him”.

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  1. He claims that world class Emir, Muhammad Sunusi II is a thief, what about him, don’t he ashamed of him self.
    Sunusi was been convicted by any court of law, he is been recognised world wide, and he can never be like him because he is far beyond his expectation.

  2. Dikubo is an empty barell , bereft of any good ideas, loud mouthed, without any substance. where on Earth did a common criminal like Dokubo get the effontary to call HRH Sanusi a thief? What is this world turning into? Should a person in the mould of criminal Dokubo be opening his loud mouth to foul our space? In a saner clime Dokubo will be a resident of kirikiri prison

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