Evelyn Joshua is Jezebel – Bishop Bernard


Ufuoma Bernard, Bishop, the Godist Church, on Tuesday described Evelyn Joshua, the new leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) as “a Jezebel”.

Evelyn met late pastor Temitope Balogun (TB) Joshua in 1990 when she had traveled Egbe, Lagos to visit her sister.

The two were married for 31 years and had three children.

It was further reported that she had gone to meet him for counseling and spiritual guidance.

TB Joshua proposed to her on the same day they first met after a 45-minute session.

Evelyn would later marry the self-proclaimed prophet to become second in command of SCOAN.

According to Bernard via his known Facebook page, TB Joshua lamented in his last interview that Evelyn never showed interest in SCOAN. He also stated that Evelyn only accompanied TB Joshua on tours, adding that the new SCOAN leader “was not ordained a prophetess or evangelist but now by sleight of hand taken over the leadership of the church”.

Jezebel, which Bernard labeled Evelyn, is symbolically associated with false prophets.

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  1. Her persecution has started. The husband witnessed more even till after passing on to Glory. She should expect more and more & through it, the name of God almighty will be glorified.

  2. Fake bishop, why not mind your own ministry and stop playing holier than thou attitude. Can this be said about your wife too, self acclaimed bishop, mtceeeeeum.

  3. Who is this self acclaimed Bishop? how dare he say such blatant lies, does he even know what a JEZEBEL means? it is somebody who is impudent (disrespectful), shameless and morally unrestrained, on the contrary Mrs T.B. Joshua is opposite, respectful, virtuous, obedient and loyal. Those who know the truth know, it was her husband that for whatever reason did not carry her along enough in the ministry but denigrated her and shut her out, his female disciples had more access to him than his wife, her floor was lower and below the disciples floor, to the point that even his disciples disrespected her and one of them slapped her either known to or in T.B Joshua’s presence but he did not take any action and she never complained, she bore it all patiently, it takes a remarkable strong woman to do that. I am not saying all this to smear T.B Joshua, I respect him BUT WHAT I AM SAYING IS THE BITTER TRUTH AND THOSE WHO KNOW THEY KNOW. This Bernard is nothing but a male chauvinist, if he has a problem with women becoming church leaders then that is his headache, than to come out and be spewing lies and hate with such disrespect, attacking persons instead of addressing issues like a sentimental and emotional person without intelligence. And then say that churches under women leadership go down like Church of God mission is another lies, under the leadership of Mrs Benson Idahosa the church has grown in leaps and bounds compared to where it was under Benson Idahosa who did not have enough time to grow it, she barely met 50K in the churches coffers when her husband transitioned, she has worked so hard to grow the church to what it is today. MR BERNARD STOP THIS NONESENSE, WHAT U ARE DOING IS VERY WRONG AND BAD AND U CALL YOURSELF A MOG, YOU ARE LYING, INSULTING, ASSASINATING POEPLES CHARATCTER, it is only sons of the devil that do that. This kind of man I sorry for his wife.

  4. How pls and why she can’t just be jezebel in your book give us fact to prove. Otherwise i see your jealous side of no cause.

  5. We all pray for her to be able to carry-on with the business of the spirit in Earnest
    I pray that the power of Jesus from on high endue upon her from no IJN.

  6. Bernard must be Ahab. Why judge Evelyn on her past? If you had never been a sinner Bernard raise your voice. Being addressed a Bishop, Prophet or ordained as one does not necessarily make you holier that your ordinary members saved by grace. Your words as a Bishop should be seasoned with grace else you are a painted sepulchre.

  7. Why are they judge themself are you a best holy in the world ,shotup your mouth, don’t critisise anybody, GOD is the only JUDGES that will judge every one of us, u too people will say 100% bad when past.

  8. Bernard or what ever u called ur name, u re a fool,for calling Evelyn Joshua Jezebel, ur wife will experience with Evelyn is passing through now, idiot fake bishop like u…….

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