Excitement as Peter Obi attends wedding of young man he met at Dallas airport [VIDEO]

Labour Party presidential candidate in the 2023 elections, Mr Peter Obi, recently attended the wedding of Opeoluwa Solalu, a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employee, in Lagos.

An aide to Obi, Dr Moses Paul, revealed in a social media post that Opeoluwa had approached the former governor of Anambra state for a picture in Dallas.

He said after the picture, Opeoluwa invited Obi for his upcoming wedding in Lagos at the time.

According to him, despite a busy schedule that included the campaign flag-off in Edo and other high-profile events, Obi prioritized attending the wedding.

His words: ”About a month ago, I accompanied Mr. Peter Obi on a six-state thank-you tour in the US. At the BWI airport, while travelling from Dallas, Texas, to Washington, DC, we met Opeoluwa Solalu, a DHS employee.

“Opeoluwa approached me and asked if he could take a picture with His Excellency, Mr. Peter Obi.

“After the photo, he gently told Mr Obi, ‘I’m coming home to get married and would be honoured to have you come.’ Given Mr. Peter Obi’s busy schedule, I was unsure if he could attend the wedding.

“When I reminded him about the upcoming event, he mentioned our commitments: the campaign flag-off in Edo and two other high-profile events.

“Yet, Mr Peter Obi is known for honouring invitations, particularly from ordinary people. He said, ‘Let’s get on with Edo, and if we finish, we’ll leave immediately for Lagos because of Ope.’

“Upon arriving in Lagos, we searched for the venue for over an hour. PO was determined, and we finally found it. The joy and happiness in the atmosphere were palpable, from the security to the newlyweds, their parents, and friends.

“Mr. Obi went further by instructing me to give a substantial gift to the couple and some of the attendees. PO shared with me how he had attended numerous events like this as a governor, sometimes sitting quietly at the back to encourage people without drawing attention.

“He emphasized that he prioritizes invitations from everyday Nigerians. ‘They are the ones who need my advice, encouragement, and support,’ he said. When we met Opeoluwa, his excitement was evident.

“He gratefully said, ‘Thank you, Sir, for who you are and for the sacrifices you are making for Nigeria.’ He then turned to me and thanked me for allowing him to interact with and take a picture with Mr. Peter Obi.

“For Opeoluwa, it was a dream and inspiration come true. This is the humanity and dedication of Mr. Peter Obi, a leader who truly values and uplifts the everyday citizens of Nigeria.”

Watch the video below:

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