EXCLUSIVE: Oluwo of Iwo to unveil new Queen, reacts to ‘Marijuana’ Video

Barely four months after he divorced Chanel Chin, the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Akanbi, has announced his readiness to unveil a new Queen.

POLITICS NIGERIA reported how the royal father broke up with Ms Chin in December 2019. According to the controversial monarch the separation was borne out of “personal irreconcilable differences.” After the divorce, several allegations have been made against the Oba Akanbi.

Oluwo of iwo smoking
On Friday, this newspaper reported how the ex-wife, in an interview with GIO TV, anchored by an international blogger, Maureen Badejo, on Thursday accused Mr Akanbi of several allegations including rape and deception.

Ms Chin said she was forced to marry the monarch after he raped her on the day of their first contact, at a party in Ikeja, Lagos on February 2, 2016. She alleged that she is Mr Akanbi’s 5th baby mama with the king’s ninth child. Also, in a video shared across social media platforms on Friday, someone purported to be the monarch was seen rolling up marijuana, a prohibited substance.

The 47 seconds clip, according to some sources, was released by Ms Chin to the interviewer. However, when contacted, the Chief Press Secretary to the monarch, Alli Ibraheem, denied that the person in the video is Oluwo.
“What I saw was like a photoshopped something. What I saw was not Oluwo. The video was premeditated to discredit the stool,” He insisted.

“We are not aware of anything of such. Oluwo is never a smoker. I got the information that it was released by his ex-Queen and I don’t think there is any basis to believe such video because it was photoshopped and doctored when she had issues with Oluwo,” Ibraheem told POLITICS NIGERIA on Saturday afternoon.

He added saying; “even if Oluwo is a smoker, I don’t think this is the best time… She can not even accept his proposal. Why doctoring such to discredit Oluwo?”

Mr Ibraheem disclosed that the ex-Queen has made efforts to beg for her forgiveness on several occasions but the king turned her down. He then announced that the Osun monarch will unveil a new queen very soon.

“Very soon, the new Olori will be unveiled. That is what we are working on at the moment obediently and urgently,” He said.

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  1. be fooling yoursef….everybody knows w who raheed olowu is….tout and drug addict….its written all over him…shame on you for the faceless image laundering

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