Fayose to Critics: Go to Court if Your Money is Missing

Former governor of Ekiti, Ayo Fayose, has asked his critics to go to court if they are not comfortable with his activities while he was governor of the state.

The governor made this declaration in response while fielding questions on ChannelsTV programme, Sunday Today, on July 9.

When asked if he would publish details of how he administered state funds as Ekiti governor, he answered; “That’s a very meaningless question. They have charged me to court, anybody that is not satisfied should also take me to court.

“How can I be explaining how I spent (Ekiti money)? I was one governor that never borrowed a dime. Ekiti people cannot forget me for the good works I did.

“Do you (referring to the anchor) think I’m a pauper? I made my money before you became a presenter. So don’t go there at all. If anybody’s money is missing, let them go to court.”

Meanwhile, some Nigerians are not happy with the attitude of the governor.

Speaking on the incident, Dayo Williams, a journalist said the former governor was wrong over his comment.

“In journalism, there is no good or bad question. In fact, there is no such thing as a stupid question. The interviewee, however, has the right to either answer the question or dodge it by parrying it away. Seun Okinbaloye was, therefore, within his journalistic rights for asking Fayose how he made his money aside from being a former governor,” Williams said.

“Fayose was just being condescending and reckless for mocking Seun for being a salary earner who had the audacity to question him about his source of wealth. He was arrogant in jarring ignorance. He does not know any better, nor those who(most of them salary earners) praised him for mocking a salary earner for doing his job professionally.

“Anyone who had a decent run of jobs in the past before coming into political leadership would easily have reeled out those jobs without tears and ego.”

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