BREAKING: FG shuts down Major Supermarket in Abuja over Customer Extortion/Price Fixing

In a decisive move to uphold consumer rights and ensure fair business practices in Nigeria, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has sealed off the head office of Sahad Supermarket/Stores in Abuja.

The action, led by Dr. Adamu Abdullahi, the Acting Executive Vice Chairman of FCCPC, was taken on Friday following investigations revealing customer extortion and a lack of transparency in pricing.

Dr. Abdullahi emphasized that such practices are unacceptable and constitute a breach of rights under the FCCPA, particularly in contravention of Section 155 (3) which stipulates severe penalties, including fines of N100 million or more, for corporate entities found guilty.

“What we have found out that they are doing is misleading pricing and lack of transparency in their pricing which is against section 155 (3) of the FCCPAct. It is an obnoxious practice and amounts to violation of rights under the FCCPA,” Dr. Abdullahi asserted.

Despite being given the opportunity to defend themselves, Sahad Supermarket representatives failed to appear, only sending a lawyer unfamiliar with the case. As a result, the FCCPC was compelled to take action, sealing off the premises until compliance with regulatory provisions is ensured.

The Commission, in line with its mandate to safeguard consumer interests, reaffirmed its commitment to monitoring Sahad Supermarket to ensure adherence to the law. Dr. Abdullahi reiterated that the FCCPC will continue to protect citizens, aligning with President Bola Tinubu’s agenda for economic prosperity and consumer welfare.

Mrs. Boladale Adeyinka, Director of the Surveillance and Investigations Department of FCCPC, highlighted discrepancies between price tags on products displayed and those recorded at pay point computers within the supermarket. She pointed out that even identical products from the same brand were being sold at varying prices, potentially resulting in customers being short-changed.

“The same products, the same brand has different prices. One is N5,000 while one is N6,000. Imagine if you buy 10 pairs, that means you have been short-changed by N10,000,” Mrs. Adeyinka emphasized, underscoring the importance of fair pricing practices.

Mr. Salisu Zango, an official representing Sahad Supermarket, acknowledged the wrongdoing and assured that corrective measures have been implemented. “We have corrected it,” he affirmed.

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