Femi Adesina mentions four factors that’d help Igbos produce president


Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, on Friday said “good politics, building alliances, negotiation and deft foot-works” are the factors that would help the Southeast region to produce a Nigerian president.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that according to Adesina, the people of the southeast region cannot keep calling Nigeria “a zoo” and “expect leadership on a platter of gold”.

“In my days in active journalism (I return soon, mark my words), I had always written that there must be fairness and equity in how leaders emerged, particularly for the position of President.

“The South East, just like other parts of the country, must produce the number one citizen. But it must be by a combination of factors. Good politics, building alliances, negotiation, deft footworks.

“You can’t call the country a zoo, shooting security agents and civilians to kingdom-come, and then expect leadership on a platter of gold.

“It’s not done anywhere in the world.”

“Yes, there would be a President of Igbo extraction in this country, but it won’t be by intimidation or bullying. We will all team up to produce such leadership,” Adesina wrote in his column.

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  1. How i which an average Igbo man will understand this simple logic of politics, they have been playing spoilers roles, putting all their eggs in one basket and faced with reality they thought others regions can be intimidated, bullying and use of blackmailing to surrender the presidency on a platter of gold.

  2. @ femi adesina honestly I used to follow your writings on topical issues during your years in THE SUN, however I don’t know the type of demons in the VILLA that tends to make most of you guys turn 360 degrees on reaching there.
    Am perplexed that you can mischievously label every IGBO PERSON a killer simply because some misguided rascals are on the loose killing even the IGBO’S and destroying their economy.
    BOKO HARAM has been killing Nigerians for years now demanding separate country and you haven’t tell our HAUSA/FULANI brothers to forget about NIGERIAN PRESIDENCY because of that neither did you advice the YORUBA’S to deal with ODUDUWA agitators before aspiring to become NIGERIA PRESIDENT.
    Please let’s be fair and honest when dealing with ourselves because we cannot do without each other if this country will move forward.

    1. Let us be frank and let’s be fair with our judgement, is it now that Nigerians had realize that they were being fooled by the so-called godfathers in politics who had used our youths in the past to destroy for their personal gains and selfish ambitions that they started using other logics to cause ethnic chaos in the society,?, Shame on them for their secrets have been discovered

  3. This man called Femi Adesina. What sort of school did he attend ? Telling the world that Igbo people call Nigeria ‘Zoo’ and shoot civilians. Was it Ohaneze ndi Igbo or a comment by somebody he thinks is an Igbo person. So, Femi doesn’t know when someone speaks for himself & when some authorised person/persons speak for a group/tribe.What does he say of boko haram/ bandits and the tribes they come from ? Bad education & bad politics. No wonder Nigeria is sinking. Those in charge are hollow.

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