FG issues serious warning to Nigerians travelling to Canada

The Federal Government has warned Nigerians travelling to Canada against leaving the country  without proper documentation.

Chairman/CEO of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM), Abike Dabiri-Erewa, gave the charge when she visited some Nigerians in one of the shelters in Brampton, Canada.

Dabiri-Erewa has urged Nigerians travelling abroad to go legitimately and with proper documentation to avoid unpleasant consequences.

She urged others planning to travel without proper documentation, arrive in the country to seek asylum, to desist.

According to the NiDCOM boss, the situation is getting tougher in many countries with immigrants depending on food banks for their feeding need.

“Pastor Vivian Eruka, who runs the Bethel food bank and works with those in shelters, informed us that the Mayor of Brampton promised to make 800 more beds and shelters available,” she said.

“Wale Rabiu, owner of a bakery, donated hundreds of loaves of Agege bread to the shelter inmates, while Bayo Adedosu, a Nigerian living in Canada and an immigration consultant, also gave some words of counselling.”

Adedosu advised that they should not talk ill about their home country, Nigeria, to avoid future repercussions.

He equally urged them to be patient and law-abiding while in Canada.

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  1. E be like say una no no how dis country take hard many people prefer to be a slave in Canada than their freedom in Nigeria

    1. They really don’t know nor be d same Canada dey share free food and shelter something wey nor fit happen for Nigeria here

    2. People are actually dying in Canada, they leave people in shelters and Canada is extremely cold during winters and Nigerians are dying even snow has not started falling. If those in shelters don’t get accomodation, they are all going to die. They can’t survive the weather

    3. Go try it you will see sey kaki no be leather .Those of you wey no experience am dey talk like this,if you just taste am just for one week you will not pray to leave certainty for uncertainty. You will realize that Nigeria is still good live with all the freedom you have.

  2. What’s the business of Federal government with people traveling to Canada Nigeria government has nothing to offer.

  3. Someone will spend alot of money that he can use to start a very business in Nigeria, to travel to Canada, just to be living in shelter and surviving on food banks. Some even sell their properties, just to travel to abroad and live in shelters. Is this a spell or what? What has these oyinbo people done to the brains of Africans?

    1. I don’t really know what the white had done to Africa Where Africa see only to suffer in oyinbo land ego better

  4. Thats why you put fire to the canada commission in Abuja to stop us from Japa. Whether you like it or not we must leave the country for una. Evil government.

  5. U dey right kitan. E better make mi bi slave for another country wey bi sey I go work, get money n chop. No bi country wey I call my own ancestral one, wey u bi slave for there n no work, no food n so so so killing, robbery, Yahoo, kidnapping e many wey I no fit count sef.

  6. To hell with their warnings. If they don’t want people to go there they should do the right thing by fixing the country

  7. Who Nigeria government help,with All the evil the government is perpetrating, Canada is still better.our government don’t have any excuse.

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