Foluke Daramola-Salako denies being paid to endorse Tinubu


Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola-Salako has responded to the criticisms projected towards her and her colleague for singing Tinubu’s praise in a viral video in which they chant “Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.”

It was reported that the video offended many Nigerians who accused her of endorsing Tinubu. Foluke said, however, she did not receive any money, claiming, instead, that they were preaching peace.

She insisted that the video had nothing to do with politics nor her singing was intended to endorse Tinubu’s candidacy for the general election in 2023.

The 43-year-old actress said that despite her being a card-carrying member of the APC, she had not endorsed anyone at that time.

“I need to set the record straight, I never endorse anyone, please don’t get things twisted,” she said in a video uploaded to Instagram.

“What we went to do yesterday had nothing to do with politics, we are in a group advocating for peace and unity in Nigeria.

“Although I’m a card-carrying member of APC, we did not go in the capacity of endorsing Asiwaju Tinubu for President and it was not a Nollywood thing.

“I was not paid in any way for this, it was meant to be a unity and peace campaign nothing more.

“Don’t let us get it twisted, it does not have anything to do with politics or Nollywood, let’s be guided!”

Daramola-Salako is most notable for being nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in 2013 at the Africa Movie Academy Award.

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