Former Minister seen working as a Pizza Delivery Guy in Germany [PHOTO]


A former Afghan minister now works as a pizza delivery person in Germany.

Al-Jazeera Arabia tweeted the images of Syed Ahmad Shah Sadat, who served as Afghanistan’s communications and technology minister now working as a Pizza Delivery man.

Syed Ahmad Sadat is currently based in Leipzig, Germany, where he arrived in December of last year after fleeing Afghanistan.

Sadat became a member of Ashraf Ghani’s cabinet in 2018 but he left in 2020 owing to disagreements with him. He then fled Afghanistan and relocated to Germany.

Sadat verified that these are his images, according to Sky News. After his money ran out, he began working as a food delivery professional for the German company Livrando, according to Sky News.

From 2005 to 2013, Sadat served as a technical advisor to Afghanistan’s communication and information technology ministry; a position he held for more than two decades. From 2016 to 2017, he was the CEO of Ariana Telecom in London.

On August 15, the Taliban took full control of Afghanistan when they took Kabul, the capital city. Ghani, the president at the time, departed the nation the next day. He is believed to be in the United Arab Emirates.

Syed Ahmad Sadat told Sky News that he never expected the civilian administration in Afghanistan to fall so swiftly in response to the current events.

He also told the news station that his narrative would act as a “catalyst” for changing the way high-ranking people in Asia and the Arab East conduct their lives. Sadat, who was once encircled by security personnel, now delivers pizza on a bicycle.

Sadat graduated from Oxford University with two master’s degrees in communications and electronic engineering. He worked for Aramco and the Saudi Telecom Company for 23 years in the communications area for more than 20 organizations in 13 countries, including Saudi Arabia

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  1. And he didn’t save anything for the rainy days? How old is he now that he still wants to struggle to meet his needs by becoming a food supplier on a bicycle?

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