Former World Bank President Commends President Tinubu’s Economic Policies

Former President of the World Bank, David Malpass, has lauded the economic strategies employed by President Tinubu since assuming office on May 29.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Malpass took to his official Twitter account to express his appreciation for Tinubu’s decisive actions aimed at abolishing Nigeria’s detrimental government subsidy and multiple exchange rates.

In a tweet, Malpass declared, “Glad to see @officialABAT taking concrete steps to scrap Nigeria’s harmful government subsidies and multiple exchange rates. These are important steps toward currency stability, lower inflation, and reduced corruption in Africa’s most populous country.

Since assuming the presidency, Tinubu has implemented a series of reform measures, with the most prominent one being the removal of fuel subsidy.

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  1. Nothing changes. Man can only try to makes things better momentarily, but no real and permanent solutions to our problems. Human is human. Flesh. No enough time to pursue good agendas to the end. Wicked and greedy men are still around.
    So we need a superhuman government. God’s Kingdom under the rule of God’s master worker, Jesus Christ. Read Revelation 21:3, 4

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