Fredrick Nwabufo convenes ‘Journalists for United Nigeria’

Fredrick Nwabufo, journalist and columnist, has convened an ideological and voluntary group for journalists committed to peace-building, national cohesion and progress.

According to the columnist, the group named, ‘Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN)’, is strictly non-partisan; not a pressure or lobby group, but a think-factory to connect minds in the media who are committed to a united Nigeria.

‘’I believe, the media possesses some of the brightest minds. JUN is more or less a discussion forum for like-minded people. It is non-partisan; it is not a pressure group. It is not a lobby group; it is not a political group. It is a forum where journalists can converge to exchange ideas and opinions on how to strengthen national unity,’’ Nwabufo said.

‘’We need in abundance citizens who can be Nigerians. It is my view that only journalists fit into this. By virtue of being men and women of the pen, they shape opinions and narratives. They make or mar. The sustenance of our national unity rests largely in our hands. We must rise to the occasion and mobilise both the political class and the populace to imbibe our togetherness. We have no other country than Nigeria. Let us, through our profession, lead by example.

‘’I would like to be emphatic here; this group was conceived out of a strong desire for the peace and progress of Nigeria. I believe we are stronger together.

‘’It is purely voluntary for Nigerians. No financial rewards whatsoever; except for the psychological fulfilment that comes from knowing you are contributing to the peace and growth of your country.’’

Nwabufo said he believes the current challenges in the country will be tackled effectively with the support of all Nigerians

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