#FreeSanusiNow: Nigerians throw weight behind ousted Kano Emir



In what they claimed to be a witch-hunt done in haste, Nigerians on social media have expressed their solidarity with the deposed Kano Emir, Muhammed Sanusi.

POLITICS NIGERIA recalls how Sanusi, also a former Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria, was dethroned and replaced with his in-law, Ado Bayero.

The Kano state Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, accused the 14th Emir of insubordination, an allegation that prompted the dethronement of Monday.

The deposed monarch was also banished from Kano and sent on exile to Nasarawa state. This, according to legal experts, a violation human rights.

Nigerians, on social media, have trended the hashtag #FreeSanusiNow, thus clamouring for the fair treatment of the deposed monarch.

Many opined that the rights of Mr Sanusi have been trampled upon.

Here are the reactions


You can’t embrace Boko Haram members and banish harmless people like Sanusi Lamido Sanusi into a Bush in Nassarawa… This is not how to build a Nation. Sanusi has left the throne for Kano, let him enjoy his Freedom.PMB



King in the north
You can trap a man destined to fly, you can stop a bullet in momentum
You choose to be true and different so they persecute.


There is no justification or whatsoever to keep sanusi on exile, thereby depriving him of He’s Constitutional Rights of freedom and liberty, if he is arrested on what charges? Free him now and compensate him for this violations, this is totally unconstitutional #FreeSanusiNow


The ignominious incarceration and immurement of HRH Sanusi is a crime against humanity which should be resisted by all well meaning Nigerians , a citizen of the federal republic has the right to move, live freely and associate in any part of Nigeria #FreeSanusiNow


Such man that practice his religion and profession consciously can not be incarcerated. You can not confine a vast reader like SLS. #FreeSanusiNow



How can someone be this wicked? What has he done to deserves this type of treatment? Is General Buhari thinks he going to be there forever? Sanusi must be free and Ganduje should remember his time will definitely come too. #FreeSanusiNow


Buhari and his Government has elevated mediocrity to its peak. Competence and capacity has become a sin. It’s up to the elites to concor or reject it.#FreeSanusiNow

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  1. Boki uno said “you can trap a man who is ready to fly” other Nigerians should be careful of what they are asking for”#fulani’s very political and corni.might be trying to buy ppls likness #2023

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