‘Fubara not the peacemaker people assume’ – Former commissioner

A former commissioner and Attorney-General of Rivers State, Professor Zacchaeus Adangor, says that Rivers governor Similaye Fubara is not a peacemaker as people assume him to be.

Adangor resigned in December 2023 after the political feud between Fubara and Wike reached an alarming stage.

In an interview with ChannelsTV, Adangor said he is loyal to FCT minister Nyesom Wike, but never worked against the political interest of Rivers State.

“I will give instance to show that Fubara is not the kind of person people think he is, a peacemaker. I had been on leave of absence from Rivers State University when I resigned,” Adangor said.

“Then I was preparing to go back to the university, but I am aware that he directed the management to not allow me to return. That can’t be a decision taken by a person of this disposition.

“Secondly, a customary court was established in my community, Asaba, after my resignation, but he refused to sign the warrant of that customary court. Because of me, he punished the whole community. Just because of a sin committed by one man. That is unfair.”

Adangor, however, stated that Fubara cannot issue directives to him on how to handle a matter in court.

He added, “He appointed me, but I was the chief law officer of the state. When it comes to matter of law, I have the responsibility to advise the governor. The governor can’t issue directives to me on how to handle a matter in court.”

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