Gabon coup: General Brice Nguema sworn in as president

General Brice Nguema, the leader of Gabon’s military junta, has been sworn in as the nation’s interim president.

To show their support for the military, crowds of cheering civilians turned up at his inauguration on Monday, September 4.

A military parade was held at Monday’s inauguration, which took place at the presidential palace in Gabon’s capital, Libreville.

Supporters of the new military leadership attended the ceremony, including former ministers from the ousted government, although they were booed by the crowds.

However, a section of the African Francophone nation fears that Nguema’s rule will be a continuation of the 55-year Bongo dynasty.

The fear stems from the fact that the military administrator spent most his career in Bongo’s inner circle and is even suspected to be Ali Bongo’s cousin.

Ali Bongo’s father, Omar, was in power for 41 years before he died in 2009 and was succeeded by his son.

Gabon is now the sixth Francophone country to fall under military rule in the last three years.


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