Gov Aiyedatiwa may not pick Ondo deputy governor soon – Sources

Following the untimely demise of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, Ondo State finds itself embroiled in a web of political complexities, intensified by the elevation of Lucky Aiyedatiwa as the governor.

The spotlight now focuses on the crucial decision of selecting a deputy governor, triggering fervent debates and regional assertions.

Voices from different factions have emerged, advocating for varying regions within the state to produce the next deputy governor.

Calls have surfaced urging the deputy governorship to be chosen from Owo in Ondo North or Akure in Ondo Central.

However, party elders have advised Aiyedatiwa to postpone picking his deputy until after the burial ceremonies of the late Governor Akeredolu, emphasizing the importance of respect and decorum during this mourning period.

Meanwhile, political fireworks are expected immediately after Akeredolu’s burial, especially as the off-cycle election into the office of the governor comes up in November.

Before November, most other people interested in becoming the governor will begin preparing themselves for the election.

Right from the primaries to those who will take part in the primaries and will ensure that they get the endorsement of Abuja. Those who should know said that the days ahead will be interesting as governance will give way to politics, with all of them giving it what it will take.

A competent source familiar with happenings in Ondo politics said that ethnic colouration has been introduced into the fight for the Alagbaka House.

The odds, the source said, tilt towards Aiyedatiwa. Before then, Aiyedatiwa had been battling to stave off impeachment from the House of Assembly.

“Ethnic colouration has been introduced into it. People from his area are saying it is their time to govern and pick the ticket of the party as well,” the source told New Telegraph.

“I have also been told that Abuja will be the ultimate decider. The major one for now will be who the deputy governor becomes. It favours people from Akure, Ondo axis. I know one or two people who are already thinking that they should knick it.

“Everybody knows that Abuja will play a decisive role in who picks the ticket. He has his tentacles, and if he was able to survive all the plots against him, he was able to stave away impeachment because he made the right contact. There is somebody very close to the president, who is his friend also from Ondo State.

“But going forward now, a lot will depend on if he picks an indigene of Akure as his deputy. That is what they are telling him to do even though some other interests are saying they should pick them.

“Somebody played a decisive role in ensuring that President Tinubu gave him a second listening ear after the first hearing. He is now going to win.

“That person will also co tinue to play a decisive role in the unfolding political drama in Ondo State. Anybody who underrated Aiyedatiwa does so at his own peril.

“It is going to be tough but going forward, it is going to be interesting. He is putting together his team and is also reaching out,” the source added.

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