Graça Machel, Mandela’s wife, sympathises with ousted Emir Sanusi



Graça Machel, wife of Late Nelson Mandela and the founder of Graça Machel Trust Foundation, has advised the deposed Kano ruler, Muhammed Sanusi, to stay strong.

It was gathered that Mr Sanusi is among the Board of Trustees of the humanitarian foundation.

POLITICS NIGERIA reported how Governor Abdullahi Ganduje deposed Sanusi and replaced him with Aminu Ado Bayero on Monday.

This paper also chronicled events that happened before and after he was driven out of the Palace to Nasarawa state.

Mrs Machel’s letter, which a copy was obtained by POLITICS NIGERIA, was sent to Mr Sanusi on Tuesday.

“I am deeply saddened to learn of you being relieved of your official duties as Emir of Kano and held by government authorities. I am sending you this message of solidarity in the hopes that it provides you, in some small measure, with reassurance and a degree of comfort that you are not alone in your valiant struggles to confront corruption and the social ills burdening Northern Nigeria.”

“Your influential voice-as a man, as a traditional leader, and as a religious authority in challenging the status quo is sorely needed not only in Nigeria, but throughout Africa. You are a old inspiration for leaders to hold themselves to account and well-being of all citizens under their watch; especially women and children.”

“Your Highness, we hold you in very high regard, and count on your knowledge, expertise, experience and wisdom to continue to lift the continent to higher heights. We proudly count you among the Graça Machel Trust’s International Board of Advisors and stand with you in your courageous efforts to speak truth to power. We are here for you should you feel there is something we can do to assist during this challenging time.”

“Your convictions are powerful ones that ring loudly in the hearts and minds of all those who value human dignity and equality- and the causes you are fighting so steadfastly for cannot be silenced.”

“Rest assured that critics of progressive thinking and action find themselves on the wrong side of history. Please remain strong and resilient. We are praying for your safety and your freedom,” the letter read in parts.

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  1. The officially dethroned monarch but a king and darling of the hearts,Muhammed sanusi for one examplifies an uncommon,foresighted,highly celebral and an unpretentious personality to me…Graca Machels comment,considering her eloquent antecedents was handy and highly inspirational for a royal From Africa,where there are convincible deficit in leadership…he spoke truth to power in unabashed form…true to his being,he is fearless,ebulient to a fault,and the kind of people needed for leadership in a country grouping in the darks and crass incompetence at all levers of governance like my dear sick giant called Nigeria…Watch out 2023…I’m seeing a silvery linning in the clouds…it is still morning,yet…

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