Group issues directives to Muslims on celebration of Eid-Fitr


An Islamic group, Muslim Ummah of Southwest Nigeria (MUSWEN), has issued directives to Muslims on consideration necessary for celebrating the Eid-Fitr coming up on Saturday or Sunday.

The Muslims have been fasting for barely a month now and the end is near. Unlike the past, the Coronavirus pandemic will not allow folks to gather for prayer this year.

Meanwhile, MUSWEN in a statement signed by its Secretary, Tayo Yahya, said “Indeed the Ramadan of this year has been extremely challenging for the Ummah. It has been the will of Allah to test how resolute and determined we can be in seeking to reach one another as one Ummah and try to please Him, Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala as our Creator.

“A reflection over the circumstances and the atmosphere of the COVID-19 pandemic would show that the Ummah has a lot of reasons to thank Allah for His mercy. Therefore, we have every reason to celebrate the Eid to the best of our ability, but with a great deal of caution and vigilance, and with Eman (faith) and Taqwa (being mindful of Allah). We beseech Him SWT, to overlook our human inadequacies and have more mercy on us.

“From the look of things, it is not likely that the current social distancing regulations put in place by governments in the States in the South West of Nigeria, necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic would be relaxed by Eid day, consequently it is not likely that observance of Eid prayers at the Eid Prayer grounds would be possible.

“However all Muslims are urged to put on their best dresses on the Eid day as recommended by authentic traditions of the Prophet (SAW) but STAY SAFELY AT HOME marking the Eid day with the family, in view of the movement restrictions necessitated by the pandemic.

“On the eve of the Eid day or after the Fajr prayer of the Eid Day and shortly before the usual time for the Eid Prayer, Zakat el-Fitri is expected to be given out to the poor on behalf of EVERY member of the family, from infant to the oldest person, male or female”, part of the statement read.

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