Hardship: “Mandate dey make leg pain me” – Seyi Law expresses frustration over Tinubu’s policies

Popular comedian Seyi Law has expressed his frustration and withdrawal of support for President Bola Tinubu, citing economic hardship and constant attacks on social media.

Speaking during a Valentine’s Day event in Lagos, Seyi Law admitted enduring embarrassment and criticism for supporting Tinubu, whose economic policies, according to the comedian, have led to hardship for Nigerians.

Seyi Law humorously mentioned that he now requests citizens to “sit down” instead of advocating for Tinubu’s mandate.

He humorously expressed how Tinubu’s mandate is causing him physical pain, indicating the worsening economic crisis.

Seyi Law also emphasized that he had never received financial support from Tinubu, even though he staunchly backed him.

His words: “Na me shout pass o, on your mandate we shall stand, Na me dey tell person abeg, make una sit down.

“Mandate dey make leg pain me o. If to say Tinubu do like this (gives me cash like this), you think say I no go dey praise am. Idiot!”

“You wey I no even know, na you dey give me something like this.”

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