”He is FCT minister but operating as though he is president” – Ex-adviser to Wike reveals

Chris Itamunola, a former special adviser to ex-Governor Nyesom Wike on inter-party affairs and labour relations, took a bold stance against his former boss, accusing him of orchestrating a crisis in Rivers State to undermine Sim Fubara’s government.

Itamunola made these remarks during an appearance on Arise TV’s morning show.

During the show, Itamunola didn’t mince words in criticizing Wike’s actions, likening the former governor’s approach to that of operating as though he were the president of Nigeria.

He explicitly pointed fingers at Wike for allegedly fostering discord within the state, creating a situation that sought to discredit the governance of Sim Fubara.

His concerns didn’t stop there. Itamunola conveyed worry over the credibility of documents reportedly originating from the presidency, cautioning against compromising institutional integrity and urging institutions to hold more authority than individual personalities.

His words:

“Once a transaction is a breach of the statute, it won’t matter who executed it.

“What I know as a lawyer for about 36 years is an agreement cannot be founded by illegality. Once a transaction is a breach of the statute, it won’t matter who executed it.

“I weep. If indeed it is true that such a document emanated from a presidency. Our institutions must be made not to be stronger than persons.”

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  1. Well, success always comes and attracts envy and bitter jealousy, and such could not be expunged from Nyesom Wike’s story, as many of his detractors would never eschew their pull-him-down syndrome… Kudos to the seasoned FCT Minister!!!

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