“He’s getting quality medical care” — FG speaks on health of detained Binance executive

The Nigerian Government has said that detained Binance executive, Tigran Gambaryan, is receiving the best medical care available in Nigeria.

The minister of information, Mohammed Idris, disclosed this while reacting to claims that Gambaryan’s health was deteriorating.

There has been reports that Gambaryan was being held in unsavory prison conditions in Nigeria, or that his health is deteriorating.

The minister described the reports as false add advised Nigerians to disregard them.

“We would like to state that these allegations are false and should be ignored,” the minister said in a statement made available to Politics Nigeria on Friday.

“Gambaryan is being held in lawful detention and has access to quality medical care whenever required. He also has full access to consular services from his home government.

“The Federal Government will not do anything to jeopardize his fundamental rights to lawful trial, and to quality care, including healthcare, even as he undergoes trial by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“It is worth reiterating that his detention is a court-ordered one, and only the court can alter the terms or direct his release.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria will continue to follow due process in its quest to bring Binance to justice — a legitimate sovereign quest that is similarly being pursued in several other countries around the world.

“This adherence to legal and diplomatic standards underscores Nigeria’s dedication to upholding justice and maintaining the integrity of its judicial processes. The executive is being treated with the utmost fairness, and his legal and human rights are being protected throughout the judicial proceedings.”

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