How Nigeria Can Regain Giant of Africa Status – Ex-Ghanaian President

Former Ghanaian President, John Mahama, has advised Nigerian leaders on certain steps the country can take to regain her status as the giant of Africa.

Mahama said Nigeria must retool the art of asset declarations as a tool for nation-building and anti-corruption in order to rise again as the giant of Africa.

He stressed that most asset declarations by public officers had not been of help in the fight against corruption as they were shrouded in mystery, overvalued or undervalued when they were made.

Mahama made the suggestion at the 53rd Annual Conference of the Nigerian Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV) held in Ilọrin, the Kwara state capital.

As who has served at the highest level of public office, Mahama noted that asset declaration as a requirement prior to and after exit from office has failed to achieve its purpose.

“The individual is asked to list assets and properties they own, like houses, farms, vehicles and jewellery among others. They are also required to assign values to each of those assets or properties,” he said.

“But more often than not, the values assigned to these assets are either undervalued or overvalued. Though it is a useful tool in the fight against corruption, it is not utilized to maximum effect in many cases.

“Nigeria, like my country Ghana, however, is yet to maximise the potential of asset valuation as a tool for nation-building and anti-corruption”, he noted.

Mahama also suggested the net worth of public officers before and after their tenures should assist in curbing the menace of corruption.

Earlier in his opening speech, President and Chairman of NIESV, Johnbull Amayaevbo, disclosed that the theme of the Conference, “Asset Valuation As A Global Anti-Corruption Tool: The Nigeria Experience” was carefully picked to assist governments in preventing and fighting corruption.

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