How Nigerians reacted to FG’s request for ventilators from Elon Musk


Several reactions from Nigerians have trailed the Federal Government’s request for ventilators from the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk.

Recall that the Federal government via the verified Twitter handle of the Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning begged the South Africa billionaire for ventilators on Wednesday.

It should be noted that ventilators are important medical equipment for treating chronic coronavirus cases.

In the controversial tweet, the ministry begged the billionaire for “between 100 and 500 ventilators” to assist in the growing number of coronavirus cases in the country.

The ministry was responding to a statement by the billionaire of his company’s decision to send FDA-approved ventilators to hospitals worldwide.

The tweet, appealing for help for a country where coronavirus cases are gradually rising, elicited criticisms from embarrassed Nigerians who questioned the whereabouts of the billions of naira donated by Nigerian billionaires to fight the pandemic.

However, after generating widespread criticism, the tweet was deleted with an apology note from the ministry.

“An unauthorised post was made on the verified twitter handle of the Federal Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning. The fact of the post is regrettable because of which it was brought down. We have made sure our internal processes are strengthened that such doesn’t happen again. The error is highly regrettable,” a statement by Yunusa Abdullahi, the media aide to the minister of finance read.

Meanwhile, from the reactions gathered by POLITICS NIGERIA, many Nigerians have probed what the donations from individuals and corporate organisations will be used for.

Some Nigerians also expressed how embarrassed they were with the action of the federal government. Below are the reactions:

“If Elon Musk has ventilators to give to Nigeria, for the sake of the common people, I hope they give us. However, you have to understand the criticism.

“A country that can afford to pay its Senators $450,000 per year in allowances should not be begging for ventilators on Twitter.”

“If the allowance your Senators earn is more than the salary of President of the United States and you can borrow an extra $500 million dollars to give to NTA, then you should not be begging for ventilators on Twitter.

“Why don’t you just use that $500million to buy ventilators?”

“Nigerians even went to drop their account numbers under Elon Musk page for giveaway. This is shameful.

“After raising over 7billion in donations, they are still looking for Tesla giveaway. I just love this government.
Ijoba Sinzu money.”

“1 ventilator is around $10,000 =N3.5m500 ventilators that the corrupt government is begging Elon Musk for will just be N1.7b.

“They lied they shared N5bn to their so-called poor people just yesterday. Hopeless & heartless Govt.”

“Is this not the high time we asked where the billions of naira donations have been going to and what it’s being used for?

“But the Ministry of Finance is under Elon Musk’s tweet begging for 500 Ventilators when they can afford thousands of it with the donations.”

“More than 10 Billion Naira has been donated by corporates and HNIs in Nigeria to combat COVID-19, but the Ministry of Finance & Budget has reduced itself into Bambiala Twitter to beg Tesla owner Elon Musk for equipment.

“This country does not deserve me I swear.”

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