IPOB Attack: How Nnamdi Kanu can be extradited and Jailed – Junaid Mohammed opens up


Elder statesman and Second Republic federal lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed, has said Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) can be extradited to Nigeria to answer for some of his crimes against the country.

Speaking in a chat with INDEPENDENT, Junaid, however, said the extradition should be done in accordance with the laws of the country where Kanu is currently hiding.

He also warned against an attempt to abduct him like Umaru Dikko, a former Minister of Transportation.

“He can be extradited to Nigeria to be dealt with if it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said.

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  1. That is right, the Federal Government should use all available means to get Nnmadi Kanu back to the country, so that he can face a trial in a court of competent jurisdiction. Whether we pretend about it or not. It is cristal clear that Nnamdi Kanu has become a security threat to the entire Nation, and he is not sparing his own Ibo people in this matter. Nnmadi Kanu whichever way we look at it, is a terrorist or potential terrorist, who is perpetrating his activities based on selfish motives. His alliance with Sowore and some top politicians in Nigeria calls for imminent decision by the FGN. Those who witnessed the civil war, will appreciate it very well if the FGN could use legal means to give this people capital punishment, before they will throw Nigeria into another civil war where innocent Nigerian will die in millions, if Nnamdi Kanu, Omoyele Sowore and their sponsors are hell bent in throwing Nigeria into another civil war, the FGN should be very ruthless with them.

    1. Ewu hausa like you go and get him if you think that you are well and see the zoo country call Nigeria burn down idiot animals.

      1. Biafra should be let go , why can not you extradite the leader of Boko Haram all these while ? You are now talking about a citizen who is demanding for freedom for his marginalized people without arm. Had he ever disturbed you at Aso Rock in any way ?If you guys don’t Ave any better thing to offer the entire Nigerians , stop chasing shadow

    2. That’s not right AKIN. Following the footsteps of Junaid Mohammed who recently said IPOB will pay with their blood if they attack Buhari and now called for his extradition. Junaid is a coward for having kept quite all this while despite the activities of Books Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, Bandits and Imn. You are seeking for relevance again. Better be careful in your utterances.

      1. Ogechi pls can you see Junada Mohamed? So this guy loves this killing going on by his people. Has he ever condemned it? Now we know those behind these murderous gangs!!

    3. No tyrant ever succeeds without the approval and help of his oppressed victims. You are hausa/fulani slave and victim, and happy slave/victim at that. You have Bokoharam and fulani herdsmen, the second and fourth most dangerous terrorist organisation in the world according to CIA, operating freely in your zoo called nigeria, snuffing out thousands of lives of your zoo compatriots yearly, yet your zoo government haven’t tag them as terrorists, but you are happy that your zoo government tagged peaceful organisation like IPOB as terrorists and you actually think those Westerners that you are going to ask to extradite Nnamdi Kanu aren’t laughing at your foolishness?

      Pray tell, what exactly is the offence of Nnamdi Kanu that all you jealous yorubas won’t mind your oduduwa business? “Those who witness the war” blah blah blah, as if witnessing the war is a reason why another “just” and “defensive” war will not be waged to claim what belongs to us. Your thieving era of what belongs to Biafrans will soon come to an end, and FACT is that the civil war you fear most is imminent if your zoological republic won’t decide to let Biafrans go their separate way in peace. Do i need to remind you that those who violently clamp down peaceful protesters and agitators will make violent agitation inevitable. The chickens will soon come home to roost.

      Your fear of being strangled in your union of ONE zoogeria with your hausa/fulani masters after Biafrans would have separated from you miscreants via peaceful or violent means is your undoing, but your fear is your cup of tea as neither you nor any one of you zoogerians can stop Biafra from emerging, It is already written and shall come to pass in your lifetime. Say that i told you. We are more determined than ever and no living being can stop us.
      By the way, do you know what your zoo constitution says about self determination? Where is it written in your zoo constitution that self determination is an offence, talkless of treason? Has IPOB been any violent in their struggle? Why did your zoo hausa/fulani terrorists in army uniform invade the country home of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in a bid to assassinate him? Do you know how many IPOB peaceful protesters that your zoo terrorists army have killed so far? Go and request ISRAEL and other WESTERN countries to extradite Nnamdi Kanu to your zoo and let’s see how far your zoo might will go. You think Israel and Westerners are as senseless and moronic as you all are in your zoo where no one knows nor obey your zoo laws.

        1. Junaid or whatever he called himself, these guys is not armed and still you that is armed and killing innocent people are calling other people terrorist this shows your level of education and intelligence that’s a big shame to you Hausa/Fulani the drums of war you people are beating, when we have to dance it do you think it will be like last civil war your colonial mentors will try to wage in but we have more stronger hand than them, so be careful and mind your stupid utterances.

    4. Bad belle will get you no where ,your beloved country has become a laughingstock among nations and hunger has become your second nature and the man who is scorching your balls day and night ,seem to be your God and those who dare to challenge the very system that has taken away the Hope’s of your children are the same ones you wish dead ,can’t you see that you are all condemned to end up worse than Sudan. Useless country visionless leaders and dumbass citizens

    5. How many crimes have your current president answered for. Both his military regime crimes and the current ones.

    6. Is there anything like laws or court in the expired country called nigeria? Or a foolish platform establish to opprees peopl that rise to speak? Over 20 of your brothers is about to be executed in Saudi Arabia on drugs, your brother sowore is held captive and you are here foolishly writing a long note in support of an old cow, who is heading to the grave already…when will you yorubas learn? FELA, MKO Abiola, Bola Ige etc were killed by these people and now sowore is about to be killed and you’re here displaying your stupidity by drinking panadol on another man’s headache…Are you normal mentally normal or you are another animal in human flesh taliking ?

      1. Is the ZOO called nigeria not at war already? ZERO SENSE zoo man, a terrorist state wants to extradite a renowned world protected freedom fighter, the evil empire called Nigeria must fall, though it has failed already.

    7. If you are not as stupid as your slave masters who have enslaved you for eternity you won’t have had the guts to vomit this nonsense that you have vomited here that’s going to kill you and your entire world. All of you foreigners who’ve came to Nigeria from Togo, Chad, Somalia and Niger republic to steal our resources will one day face the wrath of the crimes that you have committed against humanity.

    8. I noticed that you don’t season like a human can bring jubril outside to witness what will happen to him…because those innocent people he killed is also human n they deserve to live

    9. This is parochial naive and narrow mindedness. It does not reflect thoroughness and truth.You are advocating for a wild goose chase for people you tagged “potential terrorists”. Fine, how about the established terrorists presently on rampage in Nigeria and even trans borders into other nations? Has the FGN been able to extradite the leaders of Boko haram? How about the leaders of the Fula I herdsmen and their collaborators? Any solution to or laws enacted to tackle insurgency in Nigeria will never succeed except it is total and applicable to all. How many people has Kanu killed? What of Sowore, how many has he killed? Compare these two with the duo of BH and Fulani herdsmen.. You cannot be protecting your own while prosecuting others. It does not work that way. The dog knows how to breast feed her own but knows how Toryism the neck of the offspring of a deer.. All these politicians are jittery because of likely attacks in countries that observe human rights. The best solution is justice, equity and FairPlay.Unless and until these are achieved, millions of Kanu and Sowore will emerge. A hungry man is an angry man.

    10. If u are not part of the evil to kill and islamize all nigerians agai3their will, u should have understood qhat MNK is doing for gullible nigerians.

      Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. Junaid Mohammed has not planned to stop the killing of innocent nigerians by his kinsmen fulanis herdsmen. He wants to stop the man who preaches deliverance to nigerians. That’s how evil you are. Yoi are one of those that are ruining that contraption called nigeria.

      Just to remind u in case u have forgotten. Those of u that rejoice in evil, evil will never depart from ur house in Jesus Christ name, amen.

    11. God purnish all of u. Stupid asshole. Who are the victim of that civil war ur talking about? Instead if to advice that tyrant called buhari to let the biafran go ur there talking bullshit. Jailing kanu doest solve thi problem but will escalate the situation. Why cant biafra be? Cause of oil right. Cowards

    12. Pls tell me how many fulani terrorists have been extradited or prosecuted for the killings in the country including your golden southwest where they’ve formed vigilante groups terrorising you the yorubas in your territory. If you cannot give me an answer, I advise you to shut your cowardly mouth. Bunch of deluded animals.

    13. The man Junaid is talking nonsense, he never extradite the Boko Haram commander nor bring back those girls they gave to Boko Haram na to be here chasing shadow. Shame to this man called himself formal lawmaker. It will be a shameful thing to him if he fail to bring kanu to zoo country call Nigeria carnivorous national who value cow to human being. Shame to una, u want to extradite him because he is demanding for Biafra independent. We Biafrans want to go, we want to answer Biafra not Nigeria that’s why u Want to kill him but British gave u independent without killing u. Kanu has no gun nor any weapon just his mouth and u are jittering I don’t know what you will do when he picks arm.

    14. Intelligent idiot,you can call yourself fast thinker by writing this rubbish, you can only defend a country the cares about you not Nigeria,what did you said when operation nnamdi kanu’s house was inverded by military, is that a democratic government?ije only people who protect Nigeria are the criminals who benefits from the government, stop threatening people with war,without war there will be no peace and mind you those days war can never be the same.

    15. Goat your a foul for vomitting this trash. Your federal govt does nothing. Thumbs up for ipob family in japan they have created another awareness in Japan just like as Amican president told you that your Jubril/Buhari president of the Zoo capled nigeria is a lifeless being.

    16. What have you done to the real terrorist and potential terrorist that has been terrorising the whole country? Idiots, you guys can only scheme against Kanu till 2023 when your grandfather would have died or left power. Nigeria is indeed a zoo. Talking about competent judiciary, do they exist in Nigeria or Sudan were your grandpa came from? [email protected]

    17. Hello Akin Sodimu, reading through your comment I think you lack some grassroot thinking. The civil you are trumpeting, what is the difference between civil war and what is happening in Nigeria today where the citizens are slaves in their own Country? No working system, I believe you are among the idiots that are servants to your corrupt government that refused to adhere to the cries of the Nigerian citizens. Your brain dead comment cannot change anything rather it will make millions of Nigeria revolt against your government.

    18. It will never b well with you, ur generations , ur generations yet unborn, u shall suffer till ur death nd ur children shall detest and treat u like a nobody. Amen.

    19. Please define potential terrorist.

      You are really retarded.
      Maybe you should be arrested for being a potential criminal.

  2. You just an idiot ! I thank God UK Government have respect for law ‘ and respect hhuman right! Not like foolish zoo country like Nigeria! Try wake up from ur dream! Greedy bastard fulani jehadis like U! Just know that it will not always remain like this, u lot will pay for ur evil did one day! And it will very soon’ watch!

  3. The Actions Of Nnamdi Kanu And His Proscribed Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) Is Now An Established Threat To The Nation At Large.With Sentiment Apart,the Threat Been Posed Daily To Every Nigerians That Does Not Align Themselves With The Ideology Of Nnamdi Kanu And His Co-horts Is Hugely Despicable,and Should Be Looked Into With Enthusiasm And Readiness To Tackle The Menace With Every Power In The Disposition Of The Nigeria Government.
    I Am Not Calling For The Government To Unlawfully Assault Them.All I’m Calling For Is Justice To Take Place,by Giving The Law To Take Pre-eminence.

    1. Really? To every Nigeria that does not align with his idealogy? You can do well to tell yourself the truth instead of supporting this blood sucking government.

  4. An elderly stateman like Junaid Mohammed should stop attracting public attention as well as exposing his ignorance and stupidity to the populace. What he is suggesting will never be possible because no country will extradite Nnamdi Kanu back to nigeria. Not even the fulani Godfathers Britain will do that. So Junaid should stop running his mouth with empty rhetorics that is impracticable. I suggest the north should stop thinking about arrest, and focus on how to give Nnamdi Kanu what he is asking for in peace without bloodshed. BIAFRA BIAFRA and nothing but BIAFRA. Igbo presidency will never make this headache go away.

    1. My brothers the Biafrans, I can tell you right away that most of these people’s writing in the social media with Yoruba names weren’t from Yorubaland but the same Hausa fulani herdsmen using Yoruba names to pretend to be Yorubas! What did Yoruba youths gained by being one Nigeria, that they will want to be attacking and fighting anybody for? Is Tinubu and his people’s the only Yorubas in Yorubaland? If everyone in Yorubaland is so happy in this Nigeria, then SOWORE Omoyele would never happened! We saw the war, but those who fought the war like myself, and later in their lifetime and the Almighty God gave them the opportunities to rule Nigeria, and they are running a whole nation like a village cult and religious fanaticism, those are the people that will be hold responsible and not Nnamdi Kanu who is doing the. right thing in get us Biafra in our lifetime! Okay, now look at Pastor Osinbajo, he’s looking for the way to run, but the fulani herdsmen ruling Nigeria had told him that that is not an option! Anyone who doesn’t know that the man is caged is a foolish man! Really, Osinbajo wants to runaway but, no way for him to do so! Did you see when he used his Constitutional powers and fired the Police Chief, and the cabals reinstated the fulani man and since then Vice president Osinbajo has never signed any been involved to sign any papers up till today! But recently they asked him to sign RUGA but his wife refused him from doing so, and he is being punished for RUGA by the Cabals who are governing Nigeria! This is situation where everyone is involved in Nigeria Federation! So for those who are bothering for repertration or deportation of Nnamdi Kanu are jokers and lunatic idiots. They went to the man’s house via Pythons Dance to kill him, Why Juinad didn’t comment on that, Hypocrites and antichrist in Nigeria?

  5. How can we all be spared the curse of living in the same boundaries with you and your people?
    Useless Zoo An8mals playing mind games with their mentally superiors.

  6. You guys power are in the useless Abuja,shame Nigeria is shaking,this is still the beginning, first round,second round is about to happen

  7. All Hail Biafra you have said it all we re taking our land back in any way they like it let the civil war begins let’s see if oduduwa and arewa will remain a single soul the yoruba slaves re so jealous lazy goats

    1. The country is heading towards anarchy if the needy is not done to appeals the mind of the agitators before it gathers a serious momentum. We have no other place called Nigeria

  8. Who do you think you are ? You are just speaking like hausa man you are , well i don’t blame you.
    If not Nigeria that change hausa people’s Position from taking care of cattles to sitting in the office
    you wouldn’t have been opening you mouth to say something today.
    Please can you go back to your cattle Management.

  9. The hand of God has written something on the wall of Nigeria who can read it among all the apolitical leaders in Nigeria or the politicians only those that has eyes among them if there are;leaders of Nigerians tell Nigerians the truth about this Nation you wiĺ be free if not when the Judgement will come non of you will escape.

  10. Nigerian leaders don’t dwell on lies or leading on foundations of fales hood prices Eastheners accept the truth declare the truth do Justice it will be well that is the only for the next leavel if not there is a shift coming they that matters will regret most

  11. In my opinion, I think Nnamid Kanu is the root cause of the problem that’s ongoing in Nigeria now, he’s the one beaten the drum of war and the mumu followers are following him blindly without using their common sense. The man they called their leader, Nnamid Kanu is directing them like animals and he’s using their money to enjoy himself in his hiding place. Can you imagine, retarded people looking for jubril Sudanese in Japan. It’s a shame that these people cannot think for themselves, very low intelligent, easy to brainwash and very easy to manipulate. I don’t blame the brat rotten Nnamid Kanu for directing them like animals. If the civil war erupt today, Nnamid Kanu has nothing to loose, he lives outside the country and has no investment in Nigeria, only the mumu followers will suffer and pay the price for their obnoxious behaviors. I’m not a politician, I don’t belong to any party and I’m not Hausa or Fulani or Muslim but I like to tell the truth. Nnamid Kanu is misleading his people and beating the drum for civil war to happen. I wish ipob can apply the critical thinking to whatever they’re doing. Nnamid Kanu needs to join Sowore, his partner in crime in jail cell follow by their pap Obasanjo. All of them needs to face the consequences of their action and they all needs to apologize to all Nigerians and ask for forgiveness most especially those who lost their loved ones.

  12. An old fool has spoken, senseless terrorist like junaid should be stoned to death cos he is evil.
    All these people killed by his kingsmen in boko haram and fulani terrorist herdsmen is not giving him concern, but he cares to protect an importor,
    Ht shall never be well with junaid mohammed and his generation. Their dirty bloods must be spilled.

  13. It,is not possible. First the Kalu of a person is agitating for a purpose, which is under the Un law. And most countries including the country he is presently residing , dont like Nigeria system of government because they are highly corrupt. And they know that Kanu is agitating for a purpose, like killings in Nigeria, too much poverty in Nigeria, extreme corruption in the government, marginalisation against the Ibo tribes, and injustice in our society call Nigeria. So the world is watching and dont support all these injustices in Nigeria. So this will make it very very difficult for Nigeria to extradite him from any country Kanu is residing. So sir,you can forget the idea of expedition.

  14. Animal talking…Boko Haram and herdsmen are killing people and this cow did not talk about that but foolishly taliking about a man who is fighting for the freedom of his people…is this man a human being or another animal?

  15. Dear alaiji jola John! Try to honest to yourself be proud to introduce yourself properly, dnt allow your tribal greedynes to lead you astray, as it is has does to your selfish minded leaders from your huasa fulani jehadis, point of correction nnamdi kalu is only asking for a referendum not civil war or ethnic cleansing like your huasa fulani jehadis are currently doing, the greedyness of your people will eventually land all you mumu follower in trouble soon. A country where you have one lspecial law for you Hausa fulani jehadis and another law for the rest, the time will tell, we will see who will regret it, greedy bastard!

  16. The Ibo,s wanted to go,why holding then on.bringing Kanu back to Nigeria by all means will not do justice to the current issue.Call them to a round table and including other tribes I Nigeria .Agree to system of gorverment.Let every region go on their own to generate funds to run their region and contribute to the centres.Allow the Ibo to produce president in 2023.Why should a section of the country be allowed to rule contineously.It is then that Nigeria will take it,s position in the committee of Nations.Failure to heed to this simple advice,will bring other tribes into conflict with the authority. Thank you.

  17. You are a stupid and useless man,this government should stop deceiving Nigerians. the government can’t do him anything

  18. That infedel junaid Mohammed and the impostor jubrin who called himself Mr president are the ones that should be brought to face trial for their sponsorof a terrorist group called boko haram that has put nation in disarray rather than disturbing an armless man who is fighting for the emancipation of his people biafrans from the brutal marginalization in the failed experiment called one Nigeria.

  19. Herdsmen and Bokoharam are parading comfortably in Nigeria, killing innocent people. Nnamdi Kanu is fighting for his freedom and never killed anyone or carried arms. Now, we can understand why the Northerners are the problem of Nigeria. If you guys doesn’t want peace, let everyone go their separate ways. Mr. Man please have a little bit common sense. In a civilised world, it’s your right to protest and demand your freedom. Why are you Northerners so scared of everyone going their separate ways?

  20. The man Junaid is talking nonsense, he never extradite the Boko Haram commander nor bring back those girls they gave to Boko Haram na to be here chasing shadow. Shame to this man called himself formal lawmaker. It will be a shameful thing to him if he fail to bring kanu to zoo country call Nigeria carnivorous national who value cow to human being. Shame to una, u want to extradite him because he is demanding for Biafra independent. We Biafrans want to go, we want to answer Biafra not Nigeria that’s why u Want to kill him but British gave u independent without killing u. Kanu has no gun nor any weapon just his mouth and u are jittering I don’t know what you will do when he picks arm.

  21. Hey Junaid, why don’t you start your jailing first with Buhari who had died and resurrected after many months in a younger another body the fake Buhari? Buhari-Jubril, who forged WAEC, London Cambridge, who has been ruling Nigeria with no certificate, who said if he doesn’t win 2015 presidential election blood will flow in Nigeria like river. Why don’t you jail the man sitting in Aso rock as Buhari who have hijacked Nigeria by stolen the mandate of the people that was meant for another? Why don’t you jail him first for the thousands of NIGERIANS who have lost their lives under his careless rule? These are crimes of the highest order against humanity.
    And why don’t you see reasons to hand yourself over to government and be jailed for all the crimes you have committed against Nigerian as a country and covering it up?
    What crime has Nnamdi Kanu committed in Nigeria?
    Has he killed any goat or cow not to talk of any human?
    What have you done or said to eradicate Fulani hersmen, Boko Haram, bandit killings in Nigeria and all from the Northern region? Can’t you see your damn eye service? If you don’t know what to do or say, just be quiet. Why are you all behaving like a wounded lion? Because, Nnamdi Kanu said you political looters should stay back home and leave western world alone. Is Nigeria not you all homes? Have your looted public funds banked in Nigeria, get your check ups/medical treatments in Nigeria, Let your kids school in Nigeria. If you all think otherwise, then please fix Nigeria like THE WESTERN WORLD. Nigeria has more than all it takes to be like America and other western nations where you guys run to every minute. WESTERN WORLD NATIONS ARE LAUGHING AT YOU ALL STUPIDITY. LEAVE NNAMDI KANU ALONE AND DO YOUR JOB TO BETTER THE LIVES OF THE PEOPLE OF NIGERIA PLEASE.

  22. You are the worst fool i have ever read his stupid vomit as a talk. Extraditing Kanu on the ground he committed crime against Nigeria on what grounds? The herdsman witj assault weapon are walking free in Nigeria committing inhumane crime and they are being protected through Miethea De Allah . You want to arrest someone who has spoken his mind without AK 47 just only because he has refused to continue the inconvenient marriage of Nigeria with the south south and south east.
    Check your laws very well before you start talking jagons.

  23. I wonder how some educated persons make their judgenent, Junaid, what is Nnamdi crime if I must ask to know?
    Is buhari your brother not a crime generator himself ?

    Are there no hausas and fulanis commiting what is defined as crime in Nigeria as at today taking lives ?
    Where was your understanding of the law about these sets of hausas and fulanis that are claiming lives ?

    What was Nnamdi crime before he was visited to his home town?

  24. God punish you and your entire generation you stupid Junaid! Have you dealt with Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen yet? Thunder you and your children and entire family! You are already a half dead man, look at your mouth and face!
    You have no idea, the day any of you animals like your cows that you are touch Nnamdi Kanu, you will see how the whole world will descend on you like a ton of bricks!
    Nigeria has crumbled forever and there’s nothing you and your Fulani leaders can do about it.

  25. Does anyone stop your state governor from fighting the herdsmen in your state? Have you ever ask your state governor what he uses huge amount he draws from your state account all in the name of security?
    Everyone of you who label Nigeria as a zoo will never see and enjoy the good of Nigeria. If any of you can tell us how you are been marginalized? You have not counselor, Lg chairman, no state legislatures? You have not governor? You not representative or senator at the national assembly? No minister from your state? Or they are all Fulani representing you in your state and local government?

    You are all been deceived by Kanu, and you yourself are deceiving yourselves. All of you that eat Nigeria food, spent Nigeria currency, travel with Nigeria passport, yet call Nigeria zoo and abuse our president, it shall not be well with you all, neither shall you benefits from the blessing of Nigeria.

    They claimed they are marginalized, they are elected in all elected position in Nigeria, they are in all law enforcement agencies of Nigeria. They participated in all trades and businesses in Nigeria both legal and illegal yet they claimed that they are marginalized?

  26. How many Fulani herdsmen have you arrested in Nigeria ? Have Nnamdi Kanu killed any Nigerian ? Try open the case if you are a real man . Mumu like your leader.

  27. Point of corrections, Nnamdi Kanu is not hidding, he travels all over the world. Jubril is the one hidding
    I hope you’re trevelling overseas so that Ipob can handle you like the rest of them you Margot
    All hail Biafra
    We must continue

  28. Rubbish,Mohammed is afraid of been dealt with too,lol. KANU is doing the right thing for Nigerians .if I can access him (KANU) I will join him to deal with all this liars,thieves, deceitful, criminals who forgot how all our fathers fought for to enjoy and some criminals sharing it between themselves. Please let’s be wise we are suffering that’s just the truth.

  29. Fool, IPOB terrorist, what about Fulani herdsmen, bokoharam, it is now IPOB that you want to conquer, you won’t see the end of IPOB but rather, IPOB will see your end

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