’I don’t know your father’ – Fani-Kayode roasts Gov. Wike [VIDEO]

A former Minister of Aviation in Nigeria, Femi Fani-Kayode has slammed Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State for stating that his relevance in politics today is because of his father, Remi Fani-Kayode.

Late Remi Fani-Kayode is a one-time deputy premier of the Western Region of Nigeria.

POLITICS NIGERIA recalls that Governor Wike had during a recent interview with BBC News Pidgin lashed out at ‘FFK’, suggesting that the new All Progressives Congress (APC) member rode on the back of his father’s goodwill to occupy public offices.

But in a recent interview with Cally Ikpe on the TV show, Talking Violence, Femi Fani-Kayode branded Wike’s comments as “rubbish”.

“Most of all those speaking about my father, most of them are not even fit to tie his shoe laces,” Fani-Kayode said.

“This is a man that moved the motion for Nigeria’s Independence successfully, in 1958. This is a man of integrity, a man of strength, a man of courage, that build bridges in this country. And I am very proud of my father.”

“For anybody to talk about my father, well, I don’t know who their fathers are, so I tend not to respond to such rubbish.”

Fani-Kayode crossed from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the APC in September amid knocks from majority of Nigerians.

Watch the video below, from 8:50:

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  1. Stmach structure politicians pls ask FFK if he had ever won any election in his life aside speaking worthless grammar

  2. We cannot treat Fanni Kayode”s political flipancy without going into retrospect of whom his father was. Truth is that if his father was a rolling stone like him, prostituting along all political roofs just to fine relevance and load his bank accounts with proceeds of sycophantic, stabbing political actors today and dinning with them tomorrow when he finds it convenient, nobody would have remembered his father! Now, without being given to sentimentality and profligacy, I pause to ask… Fanni Kayode, who are you? Wike is not living in the shadow of his father’s antecedent. That’s why you won’t hear him mention that his father was/is this or that. Wike is a man that has carved a niche for himself and all Nigerian youths that love honesty, display boldness, and truly seek proper repositioning of the Nigerian architecture. People know him and trust him by his words. He is no a political chameleon. So Fanni Kayode, what legacy will you leave behind on the Nigerian political landscape?

  3. Femi is finished. Nobody is interested in any of his deceitful comments anymore. What Wike said is true. Has he won election or actively contributed or participated in any serious campaign of any political party even in his local government or state. He was riding on the game of his father. He is a parasite. APC would surely dump him. It is not enough to be making noise on twitter and Facebook.

  4. It’s a shame that at FFK’s age he’s talking about “my father my father”, thereby clearly revealing what we already know-He has nothing concrete attached to his name and has been spoon fed all his life and still being spoon fed hence he’s today tagged “a flagrant political ashamgba”. While ain’t a fan of Gov. Wike, he has earned 1 side of my respect for being “a self made man” as can be deduced from FFK’s question about his dad. Lastly, I must five it up to FFK, he sure knows how to make d news even for all d wrong reasons…

  5. You don’t know Wike’s father, look at Wike with an unknown father has become.
    You wey get popular papa, look at what you have become.
    Wike”s father will be very proud of what his son has become.
    Your father will be very disappointed at what you have become.

  6. Send him clear message FFK. God is pulling out everyone good in His eyes from PDP. I tell you the truth, Nigeria problem is PDP.

  7. Wike is a big personality in Eastern politics. Fani kayode is a big personality in Western politics. They should be careful in pitting personalities in these regions against themselves with the current open confrontations between the duo. They still have a lot to share in the destiny each of the two regions seek. Their exploiters keep on benefiting when Western and Eastern Nigeria keep pitting against each other.

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