I was surprised Jonathan and Emefiele bought APC presidential forms – APC organising secretary

The National Organising Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and former Deputy Governor Kebbi State, Suleiman Argungu, has revealed that former President Goodluck Jonathan bought the party’s presidential form ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Argungu also revealed that embattled ex-Central Bank of Nigeria governor Godwin Emefiele also bought the form.

He, however, stated that Jonathan and Emefiele bought their forms by proxy.

He told Daily Sun: ”Those that surprised me were about two or three aspirants. The first one is former president Goodluck Jonathan.

”He did because I felt that somebody who has risen through such ranks, having worked with us as deputy governor, became the governor, the vice president, and then won the president.

”’I felt like what did he forget at the State House Villa that he wanted to go back and pick.

”Yes, most of them did not personally purchase the forms because their representatives or groups came, but nobody will just go and buy forms for him without consulting and confirming whether he was interested or not, especially with the amount of money involved, N100 million, and other expenses they incurred during the processes of buying the forms because they come in a large group.

”At that time I became an instant celebrity because the aspirants wanted to take pictures with me.

”The second person who picked forms that really surprised me was former Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele.

”I felt that by the Electoral Act, civil servants will not just declare interest to contest for president, especially as there is a stipulated time frame he must resign.

”I was surprised that I did not hear of his resignation when he bought forms to contest the APC presidential primary.”

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  1. It is time you people stop pushing vain narratives to wrongly shape the opinion and thoughts of ignorant Nigerians who has much tribal attachments and sentiments which is the main thing that is destroying Nigeria, This your talk is a needless talk at this time, Your goverment and preferred candidate declared as the winner by INEC Mahmoud is already destroying Nigeria by incompetence and their one sided appointments into his goverment, This is what you people should be talking about and not Jonathan or Emefiele bought APC form or not

    But for your information, Jonathan never did bought APC form it was bought by those greedy associates who wanted to have a place or another place in government so also the same goes with Emefiele, People bought these forms for them even against their will. Today, Jonathan still remain as a happy man even though the APC group fought tooth and nail against his goverment beginning from the fuel subsidy removal protest chaired by the southwest and change mantra agitation in 2015. Then when I was told the plans on ground to be carried out should Jonathan refuse to leave office I then as a man wept to God asking why? Because a people want change at all cost. Today this your change have changed Nigerians and cost them what they never expected. If their poor ones by pride refuse to cry out it is because they’ve said it’s their own turn, Awalokan or Emilokan , They have started blaming Buhari for their own mistake and incompetence, These are the things you should be talking about

  2. Organizing secretary said this out loud and clear for the deaf and dumb to hear the level at which our political class are eaglets is alarming imagine a number one citizen of the nation trying to short cut his political admission as if he’s nobody in the society, moreover when has decamping becomes an overnight business to highly placed personal and when did CBN Boss became a registered member of a political party without reference to the society at large

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