I Will Dismantle Obstacles To Trade – New Customs Boss, Adeniyi

The newly appointed Acting Comptroller-General (C-G) of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Mr Adewale Adeniyi, has vowed to dismantle all obstacles to trade in the country.

He disclosed this while addressing the top echelon of the Service after taking over the NCS at its headquarters in Abuja.

Going further, he pledged to vigorously pursue trade facilitation as a key mandate of the NCS.

His said: “We will prioritize efficiency in service delivery as the bedrock of trade facilitation and revenue generation. No longer shall encumbrances impede trade; we shall dismantle obstacles and foster a new culture of consultations and compliance.”

He added that his administration would be guided by professionalism, integrity, and the highest ethical standards.

“Over the past eight years, the Nigeria Customs Service has embarked on a journey of transformation, focused on reforms, restructuring, and revenue generation.

 “We have witnessed critical adjustments to meet the evolving needs and strategic objectives of our Service. As beneficiaries and ambassadors of these reforms, many of us have played pivotal roles in training, retraining, and mentoring the future generation of Customs officers.

“Our administration is committed to adopting a bottom-up approach, where the needs of our dear nation take precedence over everything else,” he said.

He also promised to run a highly technologically-driven organisation aligned with global best practices.

He said: “It is crucial for us to recognise the modern realities and challenges to Customs operations. In today’s interconnected and technologically advanced world, we face emerging threats that require our utmost attention.

“E-commerce, global supply chains, and transnational criminal networks challenge our role as custodians of trade facilitation and enforcement. 

“We must adapt to these changing landscapes, leveraging technology, intelligence-led operations, and effective risk management strategies.

“Collaboration with international partners, law enforcement agencies, and customs administrations of other nations will be vital in combating illicit trade and securing our national interests.”

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