I won’t accept anything below standard – FCT Minister Wike tells contractors (video)

The minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has warned contractors of various projects in the FCT that he will not accept anything below standard.

During his meeting with the contractors on Tuesday, August 29, Wike said that if any staff of the contractors may have been compromised in standard, they should sort it out within themselves as he would not accept anything below average from them.

The minister categorically said: “We are determined to make sure that every contractor goes back to sight, not just going back to the site but with direct supervision from my office and the office of the minister of state. The major problem we have had, or we are having in this country, is lack of supervision.

“We are not going to tolerate anything below standard; if there are people you have been working with who have been compromised in standard, too bad, too bad, it’s not with me, too bad, I am not going to accept anything below standard.”

Wike explained why contractors must go back to the site: “We are going to restructure how we are going to fund you and how every contractor will go back to site and do work.

Ordinarily, I would have gone back to look at performance or no performance, but I felt that there is no need to go back and let us move forward.

“I’ve agreed with my honourable minister of state, and we have told the management that we must restructure the way projects are funded; we must not fund projects depending only on the national budget; we must also fund projects also through our internally generated revenue.”

Watch the video below:

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