If INEC didn’t use BVAS in 2022, I would have been rigged out again – Gov Adeleke [VIDEO]

Osun State Governor Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke has attributed his triumph in the 2022 governorship election to the implementation of the bimodal voter accreditation system (BVAS) in the country.

In an exclusive interview with ARISE TV, he emphasized that without BVAS, his opponents might have manipulated the election results, drawing parallels with the contested 2018 election.

Adeleke, colloquially known as the “dancing governor,” asserted that his victory in 2018 was unfairly snatched, yet he chose to overlook the discrepancy.

The governor expressed gratitude for the BVAS implementation, acknowledging its role in securing his recent electoral success.

He credited former President Muhammdu Buhari for sanctioning the BVAS into law.

His words: “That BVAS thing they introduced was for me. If they didn’t use that BVAS, they would have rigged out me again. It was that BVAS that saved me. At least Mr. President, Buhari at that time, did this one. I went to go and greet him. I said thank you for signing this BVAS into law.

“The 2018 election, I won the election even though the APC, those people that colluded against me, are now with me now. They are now in PDP and they started telling me that when they stole the mandate of the people, I was still cool. I said there was no problem, it was not yet time and I went back to school.”

Adeleke clarified the situation regarding the controversy surrounding his alleged F9 grade in English from his WAEC exams.

He explained that the contentious grade arose due to allegations of exam leakage during the 1981 exams.

He said: “The F9 they are talking about, when I took my WAEC, during that period in 1981, the school board or whatever, they accused our set that we had seen the paper already, so they started failing everybody and me, after I took the exam, I didn’t wait to see the result because I got my admission already in the US. Even if you carry your A1 and everything, when you get to the US you will take an exam.

“So, I did my exams, and I passed and was admitted into the school. So, I didn’t bother to check. It was when my mother died, and I didn’t have time, so I sent one of my P. As to go to my school to pick it up and I saw I got F9 in English. That’s the only one, and the rest, they didn’t release it. You know politics now; they started calling me F9.”

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