“If ordinary microphone can’t work, how will FCT work?” – Wike blasts FCDA officials [VIDEO]

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Nyesom Wike, on Monday, voiced his frustration and disappointment over a technical malfunction involving a microphone during an official event.

The incident occurred during a critical moment of his speech, leading him to question the Federal Capital Development Authority’s (FCDA) ability to manage more complex matters within the FCT.

The episode unfolded at a public gathering where the FCT Minister delivered an address at the flag-off ceremony on rehabilitating existing roads in the Nigerian capital.

As he began his speech, the microphone experienced an unexpected malfunction, causing an interruption in the proceedings.

Frustrated by the technical glitch, Wike openly questioned the FCDA’s competence, stating, “If you can’t arrange ordinary microphone to work, how will the FCT work?”

It remains to be seen how the FCDA will address the FCT minister’s concerns and prevent similar issues from affecting essential events in the future.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Television Continental:

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