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“Ihedioha should stop inciting Traditional Rulers Against me” – Okorocha


Twenty-four hours after Mr. Cletus Ilomuanya who was removed as both the Chairman of the State Council of Traditional Rulers and as the traditional ruler of Obinugwu autonomous community by the government several years ago, had had a Press Conference attacking the former governor of the State, Senator Rochas Okorocha, the Chairman of the Traditional Rulers’ Council, Eze Samuel Ohiri had his own Press Conference, also berating the former governor, who is now the Senator representing Imo West Senatorial District in the Senate.

We are aware of what is going on. The governor, Chief Emeka Ihedioha is using the Chairmanship of the State Council of Traditional Rulers to hold Eze Ohiri and Mr. Ilomuanya to ransome. He is manipulating them with the issue of the Chairmanship of the Traditional Rulers’ Council.

Both the text of the Press Conference by Eze Ohiri and the one by Ilomuanya were all written in the Government House and handed over to the duo to read respectively. Eze Ohiri was reported to have almost lost consciousness after going through what he was handed over to go and read against Okorocha who made him what he is today. We can understand their helplessness but we do not appreciate their plight.

The governor had told Eze Ohiri that the only way he can retain his position as the Chairman of the State Council of Traditional Rulers was by reading the text of the Press Conference given to him as it is and taking up the former governor in the media. And the man is on it.

The governor also promised Ilomuanya that he would not only return him as a traditional ruler for his autonomous community but would also ensure that he returns as the Chairman of the State Council of Traditional Rulers once he shows Capacity that he can take Okorocha to the cleaners.

And the two men are now competing over who would abuse Okorocha more than the other over the Chairmanship of the State Council of Traditional Rulers. That is the situation in the state at the moment. And that is why on our part we are not surprise seeing the two men competing over who would insult Senator Okorocha more. Moreover, when Ihedioha is governing the State like a military administrator in which his command is his bond.

Okorocha built a befitting Eze Imo Palace, and the most befitting across the nation and that is undoubtedly the major attraction. That is also the reason they are ready to do whatever the governor tells them to do including asking them to sack their conventional wives.

But it is important to remind Ohiri and Ilomuanya that honour does not lie in the Office one occupies but in one acting well his part. They should not be too desperate about the Office of the Chairman, State Council of Traditional Rulers because the way they are going about it, can be counterproductive. Eze Ohiri in particular, would owe posterity and history a lot of explanations. But a stitch in time saves nine.

Sam Onwuemeodo

Special Adviser (Media) to the former governor, Senator Rochas Okorocha

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  1. The present government in imo is not ready to do any tangable thing for the imolights
    Rather misbehaving and abusing the office.

    Ihedioha or amadioha or what so ever he may call himself should understand that Rochas okorocha has tried since eight years in office, now is his turn to do is own work and not to be fighting with a man who has done no harm to him.

    Besides he can not be in anyway compared with okorocha, at least for eight years okorocha can be able to stand and say, this and this is what I have done for the people of imo state, but you ihedioha for solid 12 years in office as a member representing aboh and nguokpoala in Abuja, what can you say that you do for them? Ofcourse nothing.

    Your people massively voted for you not because you are good enough, but just because of brotherhood.

    To me if am to qualify your status, you are just like Anini the purpular rubber
    I mean you are a roke. You don’t even have any quality as a governor,

    Just take a sencetive look at this, since how many months in the office, you do not want to talk about development or even start your work as a governor, rather you are busy distroying what has already been in assistance before you came in to power.

    That is to say, you are noting but a distroyer, and an enermy of progress.
    To end it all, even though you manipulate people against okorocha,

    You can’t come even half pasent of okorocha’s prestige and dignity. You are nothing but a stupid man.

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