I’m angry at Buhari for not paying my daughter’s Salary – Galadima

An elder statesman, Buba Galadima says he is “annoyed and frustrated” because one of his children worked for years at the Presidential Villa in Abuja without getting her salary.

According to Galadima, Zainab Buba-Galadima, his daughter, endured a horrible experience in the Muhammadu Buhari administration where she served as a technical aide in the office of Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Ms. Buba-Galadima who is presently unemployed despite having seven degrees worked in the first cabinet and was denied a salary for all the time she worked, partly on account of her father’s discord with the president. The Galadima and Buhari family are family friends.

“I have eight children, each with a Master’s and two medical doctors among them but they couldn’t get jobs because I couldn’t pay for the jobs. They are asking me for N5 million. My daughter has two first degrees, four Masters and when she was graduating, Buhari was there with his family, he gave her out in marriage, she named her first child after him, yet she worked in the Villa for four years without pay and somebody is telling that because he is another tribe in another place, Buhari should give him employment. Why not my daughter? I am annoyed, I am frustrated and when we see a window to deal with him, you people will trivialize it and turn it into a Hausa/Fulani issue and bring in other people to stand behind him? We can make Nigeria better for all of us but we have to do away with small sentiments of tribe and religion,” Galadima said in a recent interview with Vanguard.

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