Imo PDP sabotaging Uzodinma’s efforts to recover Oil Wells – Group

A sociopolitical group, the Global Association of Concerned Imo Youths, (GACIY) has accused the Imo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of working with the Rivers State Government to frustrate the efforts being made by the Governor Hope Uzodimma administration in the state to recover 17 Imo oil wells erroneously ceded to Rivers.

The group made the allegation in a press release signed by its convener, Collins Ughalaa, and made available to newsmen in Owerri on Monday, September 27th, 2021.

The government of Imo State had made a formal complaint over the attribution of 17 oil wells situated in communities within the state, particularly those of Oguta LGA, to Rivers State for 20 years.

This led the National Boundary Commission to conduct a boundary review cum demarcation that recently saw the oil wells returned Imo State.

But Rivers State swiftly secured an order from the Supreme Court stopping the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission from releasing to Imo the financial benefit of the decision to the tune of around eight billion Naira (8bn) per month, pending the determination of the substantive suit.

And GACIY claimed that the Imo PDP was threatened by the huge impact such money would make on the state and the public perception of the Uzodimma administration, hence its move to sabotage the state government by conniving with the Nyesom Wike led PDP administration in Rivers State.

Part of the statement read: “Unfortunately, as Imo came on the verge of reaping the fiscal dividend of these recovered wells, the Imo PDP took sides with our opponent, Rivers State, to truncate it.

“This organization understands that some of these wells are situated in communities within Imo such as communities in Oguta LGA, yet “Rivers State, in collaboration with some selfish elements from Imo State who are benefiting from the scam, are bent on turning the table against Imo State.

“Any half decent analyst knows “Selfish elements” to be the surname of Imo PDP. These elements want the wells to stay with Rivers State because in their estimation, entry to Douglas House is through Wike’s wallet and not the will of Imo masses. We believe that Emeka Ihedioha is at liberty to submit to Nyesom Wike or any other PDP governor for that matter, but he will not service his masters with the future of Imo people.

“Emeka’s PDP is also working to frustrate the recovery of these oil wells if only to stop Uzodimma from taking credit. A source of elation for our people, the recovery of these 17 wells is however the PDP’s albatross. With this extra revenue of N8bn per month Imo people will experience rapid road expansions, universal healthcare, water tight security, social cover for the vulnerable, modernised schools, gratuities, zero youth unemployment, affordable housing for the masses, safely managed water for every home, low taxation – prosperity in short.

“The “selfish elements” believe a prosperous Imo will cure Emeka’s Messianic complex and flatten his odds of ever winning any free election. This is why they retreated to Abuja to offer bribes, to roll on the floor, to smash their heads on the wall, to mortgage their souls or whatever it takes, to foil this recovery; to do whatever it takes to extinguish Imo’s bright light (Onwa Oyoko). But their path is dark and slippery, they stumble and fall.

“We cannot query the Almighty who has permitted the PDP to slide from democratic opposition to a militia pursuing the anti-rehabilitation, anti-reconstruction, and anti-recovery of Imo; ranking the comfort of strangers above the welfare of its own people.

“We, however, implore the Government of Imo State under the leadership of Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma to pursue these bandits, overtake them, and recover our commonwealth.”

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