IPOB/Yoruba Nation: IBB finally speaks on Nnamdi Kanu, Igboho agitations


Former Military leader, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, IBB, has finally spoken on the secessionist agendas rocking the country.

In a trending interview on Arise TV on Friday, Babangida explained that Nigerians do not believe in Secession.

When asked about his take on the secession agitations from the South-West(Yoruba nation) and the South-east(IPOB), he said;

“It is always good to agitate but because there is this belief that this country should be one. When they make the noise, they find that it won’t get supported, because Nigerians generally don’t believe in anything that would disturb their peace of mind. They won’t do it.”

He added that politicians were to blame for the deep disunity in the country. He pointed out that the there was a time people held positions outside their ethnic regions and expressed sadness at the present crop of leaders.

He added that the current set of politicians in the country were not serious about nation building.

“If you look back, if you take a place like Baga, in the north-east, the Igbo man, Yoruba man travelled up to Baga for trading, he lived very comfortably, he lived very well with the people around there,” he said.

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  1. I interested and believe in zoning policy and equity and fairness and national unity that is d language ndi-igbo will understand president should go to SE if talk one Nigeria is igbo man no Nigeria igbo man du not hv investment i don’t think if i may say no S/West or northern have investment in east region like thank

  2. Igbo man have investment all part Nigeria but northern or South West have investment in South east like igbo man which one Nigeria u are talk about is want one Nigeria more d u what igbo man interested zoning policy and national unity equity and fairness president tickets should go to SE thank

  3. Government should give state more political power to developers d are state d land is happy 4 country now u can give 3%to land were u are get $billion restructuring as well so that development ‘ll come Nigeria if believe in one Nigeria no good road no electric for yr see South Africa see Ghana see UEA see South Korea they all develop Nigeria youth a very way in world suffering shame to Nigeria political kanu and Sunday is happy at all

  4. That is his own opinion and not the mind set of the present Nigerians all past leaders lack vision and that is why Nigerian state is in these mess with our money and resources God will ask them what they do with it.Thanks

  5. You’re a man of peace a great bridge builder .nwanne di na MBA of Igbo land. Ezi ogo na ahaba. Ezioyi na MBA igbere. Age gracefully

  6. If the Ipob and yoruba nation want to go, then the fg should allow them because they re not slave, they have the right to do anything that is legal and right to decide for them selves, now the reason why the want to saperate is that they feel cheated in the country

  7. Since the discovery of crude oil in Nigeria , has there been a time Nigeria practiced true federalism? If truely we are a federal state Or is the idea of one Nigeria to favour or enrich some very few people (elict). For me the whole Nigeria system and governance is confusing. Nigerians need capable hands on desk not rotten one’s.

  8. This man should hang his head in shame. He is one of the architects of everything that is wrong in Nigeria. If Nigeria ever gets a Jerry Wralling, he would be lined up and shot. Meanwhile he should ask the ground beneath him to open and crawl into it

  9. Babangida’s time is over and during his era nothing good happened rather all this plans to islamize and fulanize Nigeria was put in place that’s why he hurriedly relocate capital to Abuja,,,,you cannot fool the people all the time because right from time unity of Nigeria was not generally accepted and that was the main reason for the civil war which he strongly participated only to force people to agree in one Nigeria on gun point so he should close his expired mouth.

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